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Those who said a few months back that a no-deal brexit would not happen no matter what

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StealthPolarBear Sun 28-Jul-19 06:38:45

and we were being ridiculous to worry about it, are you still as confident?

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NoCauseRebel Sun 28-Jul-19 06:49:24

I have said all along that it will be no deal.

StealthPolarBear Sun 28-Jul-19 07:05:49

Quite a few people said that could never happen.

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Mner2019 Sun 28-Jul-19 07:11:38

If Theresa couldn’t get her half way measures through parliament, why does boris think he can get a no deal through?

hadthesnip2 Sun 28-Jul-19 07:14:58

The remainers on all sides will force a General Election imo. Dont know exactly how but they will not let no deal happen at any cost.

Cherrypi Sun 28-Jul-19 07:20:17

But how if Boris gets to pick the next election date?

speakout Sun 28-Jul-19 07:22:03


It's not a case of getting a no deal through parliament. A no deal is the default position and inevitable unless something else happens.

Doing nothing will result in a no deal.

speakout Sun 28-Jul-19 07:25:24

With Corbyn as the head of he labour party the tories are likely to win a general election.

I think our best hope is a legal challenge againt no deal or Bercow pulling something out of the hat.

Bourbonbiccy Sun 28-Jul-19 07:26:16

I thought doing nothing would result in a no deal.

I hope we do not end up with a no deal situation as it would be a disaster for this country p, but who knit with Boris Johnson steering the ship !!!

RafaIsTheKingOfClay Sun 28-Jul-19 07:26:28

If Theresa couldn’t get her half way measures through parliament, why does boris think he can get a no deal through?

But he doesn’t need to get it through parliament. No deal is the default option. If he doesn’t manage to get anything through parliament, No Deal is what will happen.

StealthPolarBear Sun 28-Jul-19 07:27:17

Today 07:14 hadthesnip2

The remainers on all sides will force a General Election imo. Dont know exactly how but they will not let no deal happen at any cost."

That's what I need to hear

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speakout Sun 28-Jul-19 07:32:22

Tories will win a general election.

Sleazy Corbyn has no chance. The electorate is divided. Lib dems don't have enough traction. Scotland is already lost. Conservatives would win an election. Back with Boris.

Kubo Sun 28-Jul-19 07:34:17

My only hope is that the idiot thinks he can force the EU into giving major concessions by convincing them he and his cabinet are crazy/irresponsible enough to go through with no deal.

If it’s not a huge bluff then they are actually evil.

speakout Sun 28-Jul-19 07:40:33

Kubo but that is legally impossible. GAT regulations ( the paragraph 5c story) prevents any favouriedf EU tariffs while operating within WTO structured trading.
It can't be done.

daisypond Sun 28-Jul-19 07:43:28

No deal is the default option. I think it will be no deal, sadly, even if he loses a no confidence vote. We’ve painted ourselves into a corner.

Butters83 Sun 28-Jul-19 07:46:33

It was a tactical move to get bumbling Boris into number ten. They know he’s useles and will make a pigs ear of it and in the end brexit will be kicked into the long grass and we will be told it’s just not possible

RafaIsTheKingOfClay Sun 28-Jul-19 07:46:40

Isn’t kubo referring to concessions before we leave, ie reopening of the WA? In which case article 5c wouldn’t come into play because we’d be in some sort of transition period before a trade deal with the EU was agreed.

daisypond Sun 28-Jul-19 07:51:54

How can Brexit be kicked into the long grass? The date is set. We instigated Article 50. We got one extension. That’ll be it.

speakout Sun 28-Jul-19 07:54:47


EU have already stated they would be willing to extend further.

GhostofFrankGrimes Sun 28-Jul-19 07:55:55

The one thing that never seems to get mentioned is the remain campaigns inability to win over hearts and minds. Lots of marches, lots of protests, zero traction. Yes, some moderate leave voters may have switched sides, dismayed with how the last 3 years have played out but there is still sizeable leave support to the extent that nobody can guarntee remain would win another referendum.

If Corbyn is criticised for not supporting remain why have "credible" politicians from Clarke to Major to Heseltine to Blair to Brown not reached leave voters?

There is now an abundance of evidence out there that was not expressed prior to the referendum and yet very little has changed amongst the electorate with the exception of the LD's and Greens making some in roads but nowhere near enough to change the party dynamic significantly.

Kubo Sun 28-Jul-19 07:58:49

Yes, I meant he is playing brinkmanship to get the EU to backtrack on the ‘no renegotiation’ stance.

speakout Sun 28-Jul-19 08:01:03


I doubt that.

He is just thick and inept.

Mistigri Sun 28-Jul-19 08:02:55

I still don't think no deal will happen.

Watch this clip from an interview between Peter Foster, Europe correspondant for the Daily Telegraph (that well know anti-Brexit paper grin) and tell me the odds are in favour of a populist politician doing something which would quickly turn out to be highly unpopular.

Kubo Sun 28-Jul-19 08:04:04

I agree. I think the brinkmanship is a thick and inept strategy. I’m just hoping that’s what he’s he is doing because then if it fails he will have to climb down from no deal, because he knows it is insane.

The alternative is that he is willing to actually go through with no deal, in which case he is beyond thick and inept, and actually malevolent.

GhostofFrankGrimes Sun 28-Jul-19 08:04:24

Its naive to think another Labour leader fighting for remain would have made a sizeable difference. In the 2017 GE the Lib Dems were supposed to be the true remain party but didn't make enough inroads to change the political landscape. Change UK were then supposed to be the remain resurgence but have completely evaporated in utter humiliation. Not enough voters are willing to change their political allegiance and not enough people have changed their opinion on Brexit. The remain campaign has never had its finger on the pulse of the nation.

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