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Germany's economy in freefall

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urbanlife Fri 26-Jul-19 06:58:34

So leaving on WTO terms looks like a very sound choice. Germany props up the entire EU superstate pretty much.

I for one am feeling much more optimistic by the day.

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bellinisurge Fri 26-Jul-19 07:00:32

Hooray, our prospective best market can't buy our goods any more. Are you on glue?

urbanlife Fri 26-Jul-19 07:02:53

Er, Bellini Germany buy almost nothing from the UK! In fact we buy far more from them in the way of cars. Duh.

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urbanlife Fri 26-Jul-19 07:04:27

But don't let the facts stand in the way.

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urbanlife Fri 26-Jul-19 07:10:05

"The UK imported £75 billion in goods and services from Germany, and sold £49 billion. The UK has a trade deficit with Germany, France and the Netherlands"

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bellinisurge Fri 26-Jul-19 07:11:20

But if, as you purport the EU economy is fucked as a consequence, why would you be gleeful about that. If the EU economy is fucked our biggest best market is fucked. But don't let facts stand in your way.

Hirsutefirs Fri 26-Jul-19 07:12:24

What happened last time the German economy was in free fall?

urbanlife Fri 26-Jul-19 07:15:06

bellini because if you want a deal bellini, then the best way to get one is when the other side are struggling. The whole of the EU bar the odd country contracted and is now (unofficially, soon to be officially) in recession.

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urbanlife Fri 26-Jul-19 07:15:35

hirs well the last time was in fact in 2008, and it caused huge problems for them.

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IfIShouldFallFromGraceWithGod Fri 26-Jul-19 07:18:00

I have brexiteer friends like this. Desparate to see Germany and the rest of the EU fail
Grim and why would anyone think it would benefit us in a global economy

frumpety Fri 26-Jul-19 07:19:16

Don't they do a monthly report ? I would imagine that manufacturing would be naturally contracted at this time of the year due to holidays. Tricky because I can't read the whole piece and the Telegraph quite often can't help themselves and put the facts at the end of articles.

The bit I can read blames this downturn on the delayed impact of global trade conflict, will the UK be similarly impacted ?

urbanlife Fri 26-Jul-19 07:21:55

If the EU had done the decent thing in the first place, and treated the UK with respect, then maybe the relations between the countries would be in better shape. However they choose to humiliate our PM and offer up a deal that they knew would never be acceptable to any country.

The EU commission have been both dishonest and disingenuous.

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Oblomov19 Fri 26-Jul-19 07:23:44

The debacle and shenanigans of Brexit had done UK, Germany nor any other EU country any favours.

urbanlife Fri 26-Jul-19 07:25:12

frump Actually the German economy has been contracting for months across the board. Some of the contraction will be down to the China/US spat, the US tariff issues and generally the car industry taking a nose dive, however such a huge slow down in manufacturing tells a different story. The global outlook is mixed. The EU recession is now underway.

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bellinisurge Fri 26-Jul-19 07:26:01

"because if you want a deal bellini, then the best way to get one is when the other side are struggling."
I almost pissed myself laughing at that one. You do know that we will be even more desperate if we No Deal, don't you?
Yes, no Deal would be bad for them but not as bad as it would be for us. You do know that don't you?
Seriously, are you all right?

urbanlife Fri 26-Jul-19 07:26:13

Brexit happened because the EU Commission did not understand that the UK were serious when we said we wanted and needed change.

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EngTech Fri 26-Jul-19 07:26:36

Why do these discussions end in a slanging match?

It is a tad boring seeing the same insults traded every time.

Will await incoming 😳

urbanlife Fri 26-Jul-19 07:26:41

bellini couldn't be better thanks.

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urbanlife Fri 26-Jul-19 07:28:51

eng I think it is about time we had some balance to the thread, this has long been over run and over taken by remainers. So now it is time for balance.

If the remainers still think it is a good idea to sit on a sinking ship of the EU with their fingers in their ears and their eyes firmly closed, it is not for me to tell them to wake up and smell the coffee. I am just simply presenting facts.

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urbanlife Fri 26-Jul-19 07:31:23

You may wish to read it in the guardian, naturally they have edited it slightly (given they are now sponsored by the EU) to make it sound a little less terrifying, but it makes very grim reading nonetheless.

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urbanlife Fri 26-Jul-19 07:32:10

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frumpety Fri 26-Jul-19 07:33:23

Did you read the FT article urbanlife ?

bellinisurge Fri 26-Jul-19 07:35:08

Not sure that you wittering on about defeating Germany counts as balance .

urbanlife Fri 26-Jul-19 07:36:10

You mean this? Yes. Covering the story that Germany's weakness is overshadowing the eurozone?

If not, attach the link.

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AutumnCrow Fri 26-Jul-19 07:36:17

I do rather wonder if @urbanlice is a bot infecting these boards, high on the sad spad spice 😋. Probably not worth the effort of engaging tbh <prepares for affronted drivel in response>

I've got more useful things to do, like listening to crickets rub their wings together.

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