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Hell is ever closer-how's your stash looking?

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SistemaAddict Tue 23-Jul-19 18:47:01

My brexit cupboard shelves have been depleted due to using up the things that were going out of date like long life milk and juice. We also seem to have raided the baked beans blush
After today's announcement of buffoon johnson (isn't Johnson an American term for penis?) being our new PM and his threat of brexit on Halloween come hell or high water I figured I should assess my supplies. I still have my original lists somewhere so need to check everything.
Anyone else extra worried now and assessing their supplies?

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CrunchyCarrot Tue 23-Jul-19 18:58:57

Depleted like yours, Bercows, but I've an eye on re-stocking sooooon. I seem to have finished all the chocolate. And the restocked chocolate. Also the rice is getting low. And the tinned tuna. Hmmm.

I am as worried as ever, I don't think today's awfulness has fully set in as yet. And yes a Johnson is a penis in some circles, lol!

This time I aim to restock in a more orderly fashion (disorderly Brexit, anyone?) and keep better records. And get some packets of veg seeds to add in.

OhYouBadBadKitten Tue 23-Jul-19 19:20:37

I'm going to wait til I get back from hols and reassess everything but I think we are on top of our use/replace cycle.
Been stocking up the freezer with fruit from the garden. In fact, thanks for the reminder! I forgot I had a gooseberry compote on the go.

RiotAndAlarum Tue 23-Jul-19 19:41:56

Yes, we've eaten/ used and foodbanked quite a bit (and I must be a filthy git, because I've still got loads deodorants left... blush)

I'm taking the view that the cancelled deadline in March means we've got another chance to do it properly!

megletthesecond Tue 23-Jul-19 19:46:17

I hadn't touched mine. It's still in date so I left it there.
Might rotate a few things at the end of summer though.

bellinisurge Tue 23-Jul-19 21:00:56

Mine's looking ok - dipped into a few things (like cat food grin) but everyone in the house is on board. Dd particularly thrilled by a stash of treats.

SalrycLuxx Tue 23-Jul-19 21:06:06

Mine is fine. Been rotating and restocking.

Could do with better storage shelving though. Might look at that.

Dontlickthetrolley Tue 23-Jul-19 21:07:00

Treats will not be re-stocked here until after 25th October hmmgrin

SistemaAddict Tue 23-Jul-19 21:16:40

The treats were the first to go as were mainly best before June/July. I do still have my big tin of quality street for Christmas and after eight mints thoughsmile I had to stop buying kitkats and chocolate biscuits as I ate them blush

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BlackeyedGruesome Tue 23-Jul-19 22:07:15

stash: tins I have been keping stocked up. I need to increase the proportion of chopped tomatoes to tinned beans.

I need to replace some baked beans. hoping for an offer to be on.

cereal, keeping up with some, not with others, again waiting for offers. ds will eat generic coco pops so will get some of those.

cleaning stuff, I can also confirm slattern status, lots of loo cleaner left. i am pissed off that aldi have changed the shape of their laundry liquid bottles and they do not fit in the cupboard as before, or in my stash location. keeping the old ones but it means I can not easily replace what I used and store in the same place.

I am bringing the stock of coffee back to the high levels i would need to survive brexit.

I need to use fruit juices and boxes of soya milk then restock. I also need to check on the dried milk situation. if ex does not deliver the milk required I could be testing that tomorrow. that and a trip to a and e if the boy refuses to drink anything else. <overdramatic> there is all that fruit juice after all and lots of fizzy pop.

I need to use up some treats as they are going out of date.

I need to buy seeds for next year. and a few other things.

restocking going to take place once I have sorted out what I have got and it is a bit cooler.

NoWordForFluffy Tue 23-Jul-19 22:20:56

We've been using ours. I need to properly assess what's left and shop accordingly. I won't be doing this until September, however, as I want to see how it goes first.

Our freezer is being filled with veg from the allotment, so I won't need to buy that at all, I don't think.

ScrambledSmegs Tue 23-Jul-19 22:36:46

We still have a lot of dried beans, tinned tuna, baked beans and marmalade (several different type, goodness knows why as I’m the only one who likes it) plus vast amounts of porridge because I gave up eating breakfast in a bid to lose weight. DD2 is too small to make much of a dent in the porridge oats mountain.

The long life dairy milk came camping with us. Like others I still have a susbtantial cleaning product stash blush. Other stuff is being restocked.

SegregateMumBev Tue 23-Jul-19 22:38:19

Need to top up dog food, loo roll and tea.

Picnicbasketblanket Wed 24-Jul-19 01:25:49

I was low on a few items and dashed out, as soon as I heard the BJ announcement, to top up

I still have some things that I need to pick up from a different supermarket and will do that at the weekend.

AutumnCrow Wed 24-Jul-19 07:31:47

Similarly here, I've used and foodbanked a lot. I ate all the tuna even though the use by date was 2021, and DS had the chocolate and biscuits except the fig rolls. Cat food all gone. So the lesson is: buy more tuna and fig-rollesque biscuits. But as nobody actually likes fig rolls, I might try garibaldis instead this time. Seems fitting.

I've already got a glut of courgettes in the garden, and probably potatoes to come, maybe a good crop of cucumbers and tomatoes too.

SistemaAddict Wed 24-Jul-19 07:42:44

We love fig rolls here! I think I've still got some and pink panther wafers. I've got some Waitrose vouchers somewhere so might do an online shop and stock up on tins and jars and cleaning products.

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AutumnCrow Wed 24-Jul-19 09:04:00

Wafers are a good shout. I need stuff that won't melt and that will last!

Socksontheradiator Wed 24-Jul-19 12:56:06

Our local foodbank did an SOS on Facebook at the weekend as their stocks are low so i had a rummage through my stash and donated the things with a shorter shelf life.
I have a couple of hours free this afternoon and plan to organise my stash and see what needs replacing.
It was useful, stash-wise, to have the false start in March.

Bellasblankexpression Wed 24-Jul-19 13:01:29

Depleted! I’m going to do a big Costco shop in a week or two to get some of the basics in that I’m missing and going to sort through the freezer as I need to start rotating some things.
I’m down to ONE PACK of toilet roll which is utter insanity if you ask me (I swear people EAT them in this house) so I’ll be getting another two packs of 40.
All the chocolate has gone - the rest was finished up in a bout of despair eating yesterday after the unsurprising but still hellish news that Boris was officially PM.
It looks like we are going to be moving house towards the end of the year so I’m torn between really upping my stores and also not wanting to have so much that it’s a problem to take with us!

BlackeyedGruesome Wed 24-Jul-19 18:27:19

Still have approximately 130 loo rolls. Can't remember where I have stashed them all. <eyeroll>

I need to check what I have got and restock shortage areas.

My list includes
large and small bin bags
Chopped tomatoes
Courgette seeds.
Chick peas

Before Brexit I will need to stock up on Christmas presents, bread flour, wraps, part baked bread, naan bread etc. Christmas food will need to be taken into consideration too. Instead of summer supplies, I will be looking at winter supplies. Must remind ex to order more medicine he will need to build up a stockpile of epilepsy meds. DD needs asthma meds. It is a complete utter nightmare.

MadameJosephine Wed 24-Jul-19 18:35:56

Thanks for the reminder, I need to take some stuff to the food bank as it’s BBE July and replenish the tinned fruit because my student DS nabbed it all when he visited

Alltheprettyseahorses Thu 25-Jul-19 08:50:43

Mine's gone quite low, but I've started stocking up again. Cat food and toilet rolls went quickest so I'll have to make sure there are at least 10-12 of each boxes of 40 cat food sachets (for 1 cat!) and 24-packs of toilet rolls. The chocolate has lasted longer than I thought it would (Aldi's own - cheap, delicious and long dated) but the biscuit levels are surprisingly low and I seem to have lost the bag of kit-kats I bought when they were on offer. I didn't plant much, only about half-a-dozen pea seeds in a smallish tub that was about £1.50 from Home Bargains, but we've had a huge crop despite them being almost completely neglected so that was really encouraging.

Theworldisfullofgs Thu 25-Jul-19 09:31:00

We ate ours bar a few things. I need to start again but lessons learned. Needs more.

(We're stuffed aren't we?)

Theworldisfullofgs Thu 25-Jul-19 09:31:50

And I need to buy seeds.

Sturmundcalm Thu 25-Jul-19 09:35:57

still have a fair bit of stuff but need to build back up - and reintroduce a bit more order (which isn't desperately easy considering it's in a bit of a cupboard/big box/bag on top). was shopping yesterday anyway so picked up another 8 tins of tuna, and ordered tea bags this morning! def need more non-dairy milk as virtually none left anyway.

have realised that leaving aside brexit/snowmageddon, i actually quite like to stock up when I'm at the shop that has the stuff i like/is cheapest and actually I'd rather buy 10 tins of coconut milk at a time than remember to get it every few weeks.

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