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Ethical Spending

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KennDodd Sun 21-Jul-19 17:24:41

What Brexit supporting businesses can I boycott? And what anti Brexit ones can I support? I already know about Next, Wetherspoons and Dyson.

Jason118 Sat 27-Jul-19 16:14:41

@darkcloudsandsunnyskies make your mind upsmile

darkcloudsandsunnyskies Sat 27-Jul-19 12:30:50

My dyson is great and I have had it years and it still sucks.

TheElementsSong Sat 27-Jul-19 10:11:05

Ah yes, let's just do nothing whatsoever, just lie around supinely like jellyfish stranded at low tide. That will be far better than the horror of a "smug sense of self satisfaction". Except, wait, is that a "smug sense of self satisfaction" I sense, in doing nothing whatsoever because it's "meaningless"? But I suppose that would be the right "smug sense of self satisfaction" 🤔

I can only say what my "smug sense of self satisfaction" entails - namely, I only have a limited amount of money to spend, and only a limited number of items I wish to purchase. I therefore choose what to spend my money on.

Presumably it's A-OK for me to choose not to buy item X simply because it's the wrong shade of fuchsia, or to avoid establishment Y simply because I once saw the proprietor being arsey to a chap with a guide dog.

But if I make my spending choices because of ethical or political principles, well that is completely beyond the pale and simultaneously means that I'm personally costing jobs and collapsing companies, whilst also my actions are completely unnoticeable to the universe. And, the worse crime of all, I'll experience a "smug sense of self satisfaction".

darkcloudsandsunnyskies Fri 26-Jul-19 23:29:34

You need to boycott all the brexiteers. That’ll learn em. On the other hand they may well relish avoiding you. It will have a huge effect no doubt.

Hasn’t dyson left the country and gone to a penthouse in Singapore.

I don’t use companies that are ageist.

I share your pain.

Obviously the net effect is meaningless but the smug sense of self satisfaction. Ahh what’s there not to like.

Peregrina Fri 26-Jul-19 23:23:51

So basically your complaint is that a man left the country who was planning to leave anyway

No, my complaint is that Brexit caused him to leave five years earlier than he would have done. Also losing a medical professional wife, plus a daughter who worked in medical research who quite independently of her parents also upped sticks. 3 medical/medical research professionals gone either completely unnecessarily in the case of the daughter or prematurely in the case of the dentist and his wife.

Yes, I do blame Brexit.

ListeningQuietly Fri 26-Jul-19 22:51:02

A highly skilled, higher tax rate professional left
along with their net tax spending family

to be replaced with ........

IWannaSeeHowItEnds Fri 26-Jul-19 22:48:30

So basically your complaint is that a man left the country who was planning to leave anyway

Peregrina Fri 26-Jul-19 21:22:54

My Danish Dentist could have stayed - he'd been here for much of his working life. His wife worked for the EMA, so they went to Amsterdam. He was old enough to take early retirement, so he did. If we hadn't been planning to leave the EU they would have stayed until his wife was due to retire. My loss is a direct result of Brexit.

IWannaSeeHowItEnds Fri 26-Jul-19 20:58:36

When I go to vote, I'm choosing what I hope will benefit my country. I'm not obliged to consider the preferences of citizens from other countries. If your Danish dentist wanted to stay, no one was stopping them. Leaver's aren't rounding up people in the street and forcing them onto planes!

Peregrina Fri 26-Jul-19 20:29:58

My family's lovely and excellent Romanian dentist is leaving. She's been our family NHS dentist for eight years.

My Danish dentist, the best I ever had, has also gone. Now he always planned to retire to Denmark, but originally he planned to stay for another 5 years. Again, big thank you to Leavers.

Cobblersandhogwash Fri 26-Jul-19 18:52:40

@EmeraldIsle2016 we will never know what people have or haven't read.

But what is apparent is that some people did read the side of the £350m bus and believed it.

The odd are some at least read the Leave.Eu literature and believed we would leave with a deal in place.

What you are demonstrating is that there is no cohesion or strategic vision that unites Leavers.

They all voted Leave for different reasons and none will be happy with whatever outcome emerges as a result.

Nothing holds them altogether apart from the cultish and fervent belief that the EU is the enemy and is stopping Britain from being this marvellous economic powerhouse.


Cobblersandhogwash Fri 26-Jul-19 18:48:01

Remainers are now forced to look out for themselves, if they can, in the event of a no deal Brexshit.

If they can avoid financial misery then all power to them.

They didn't vote for the shitshow after all.

Get over it. You won. Enjoy.

Cobblersandhogwash Fri 26-Jul-19 18:26:52

Yes. Remainers will get burned too.

But that's the way it goes.

You can't fix stupid.

Mistigri Fri 26-Jul-19 18:25:13

leave voters are country wide and from all socio economic groups

Not really; leave vote concentrated among two groups: older voter and less educated voters.

I guess that it is true to say that only one of those groups will feel the full force of a chaotic Brexit.

EmeraldIsle2016 Fri 26-Jul-19 18:21:04


You have proved the point that people will think of number one when if they think the ship might sink.

I hope that leave voters suffer disproportionately (which they will: demographics and all that)

How do you work that one out when leave voters are country wide and from all socio economic groups?

Mistigri Fri 26-Jul-19 18:08:35

LOL - you think remainers should sit on their hands while the likes of JRM make money out of crashing and burning the economy?

I sincerely hope that no deal does not happen, because I know that most people won't be all right.

If it does happen, I hope that leave voters suffer disproportionately (which they will: demographics and all that).

EmeraldIsle2016 Fri 26-Jul-19 17:51:09

I have positioned myself to make some money out of no deal if it happens

Thought only leavers had the

I am alright jack so sod the rest


Mistigri Fri 26-Jul-19 17:42:17

Will the remain supporters not get burned too?

If they are on average younger and better educated then they might reasonably believe they are better equipped to face political and economic upheaval.

Personally speaking, as a remainer, I have positioned myself to make some money out of no deal if it happens. I still hope that it won't.

ListeningQuietly Fri 26-Jul-19 17:41:35

Those who voted remain and understand how bad a No Deal will be and are taking precautions will be marginally less badly burned.

Some of the very, very worst affected will be people like the folks in Sunderland and Wales and Lincolnshire.

EmeraldIsle2016 Fri 26-Jul-19 17:32:12

However, I too am now hoping for no deal so that all Leavers get burned

Will the remain supporters not get burned too?

EmeraldIsle2016 Fri 26-Jul-19 17:29:40

Many will have read that Leave literature and believed that a deal was going to be delivered before we left the EU

How can you know what people might or might not have read and what they believed? 17.4 million voted leave.

Because they did base their campaign on getting a deal

How does that prove that people voted leave based on a deal? Posters on other threads have suggested that leave was based on intangibles such; dislike of Brussels, dislike of immigration, nationalism, racism, etc.

Mistigri Fri 26-Jul-19 17:19:53

Yes. If we never do actually leave (and this is still a distinct possibility) it will be the fault of the people who drew those red lines and who voted down the WA.

Cobblersandhogwash Fri 26-Jul-19 17:16:17

Perhaps an EEA Model would have been acceptable to Leavers and Remainers.

But Theresa May's red lines put a stop to all that pretty quickly, didn't they?

There was no plan.

There is still is no plan.

Nobody seems to care. Not those who voted Leave anyway.

It's pathetic. Years and years of bitching about the EU and swallowing lies about the EU and still no plan.

Mistigri Fri 26-Jul-19 17:14:24

Precisely. It was a decision between leave or remain.

Yes. No particular leave model was offered. This means that a sensible, cautious Brexit via the EEA should be quite acceptable to leavers (it would also be acceptable to many remainers).

Cobblersandhogwash Fri 26-Jul-19 17:13:41

A Remain vote would have meant we stayed in the EU. That is correct.

Free reign to stay in the EU, yes.

And also at the top table of the EU, contributing to making decisions whilst still being sovereign through our own parliamentary system of democracy.

However, I too am now hoping for no deal so that all Leavers get burned.

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