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RedToothBrush Thu 18-Jul-19 16:04:23

Next week we will have a new PM. He will be called Boris Johnson unless something very odd has happened.

His first 72 hours will be 'interesting' especially if today's events are anything to go by.

His Cabinet is sure to be a horror show. It was noticable who abstained today - they don't think they will be in a Johnson Cabinet and clearly don't want to be.

To move forward Johnson must be able to survive a rebellion and a Queen's speech before now and 31st October.

And be able to unit his party in order to find a way forward.

And whilst parliament has voted to block proroguing parliament, it could still be dissolved if there is a vote of no confidence.

And what happens if Johnson loses a vote? Will he manage to become PM? Will there be a GE.

All the signs are that next week is going to be a hell of a ride.

Enjoy your weekend.

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Peregrina Wed 24-Jul-19 07:58:29

I grew up without an indoor toilet or heating til I was 12/13. Is this really what leavers want for their kids/grandkids????

It will be the Remainers fault.

Trashing an expensive room or a restaurant has no consequences for the Bullingdon Club. A parental cheque covers it all
That's why I said the University was partly complicit - by all means accept the cheque, but send the culprits down without their degrees.

Iambuffy Wed 24-Jul-19 08:25:31


Any chance AT ALL bojo won't get to be pm???

StripeyChina Wed 24-Jul-19 08:53:42

Scooby and Flouncy
I started #IBlameBoris yesterday (I believe) when I woke up with a migraine and decided it must be his fault (rather than the teen sleepover going on en famille)
I have had another poor nights sleep.
No sleepover, not the weather but my horror re the encumbant of no 10.
#IBlameBoris (should I be doing this on Twitter? i dont know twitter)

Rufusthebewilderedreindeer Wed 24-Jul-19 09:05:38

So the ‘defeat Jeramy Corbyn’ bit

I thought that as he isnt prime minister that he had been defeated already

OublietteBravo Wed 24-Jul-19 09:21:07

Brexit is about stopping Jeremy Corbyn. Because obviously that’s what the people voted for 🙄

SingingBabooshkaBadly Wed 24-Jul-19 09:55:11

Hate. I don’t know what you said to Bigchoc as it’s been deleted but having read her comments, and knowing her from reading these threads for a year or more I am baffled as to why you would attack her.

I thought it wasn't ok anymore to say that the Welsh were 'sheep-shaggers' because, well, that's pretty offensive (and untrue).

Correct. It’s not ok. And I did not say that or anything like it.

Er - ok - don't be confused by my confusion

I’m not - I’m confused by how you took my pig comment and extrapolated from that the fact that I have raised children who would hold extreme far left/far right censorship views which they would deploy, with vitriol, against a child with autism.

Hmm....if you don't mind, I'll leave that to you, and silently wow! at how backwards humanity has gone.

I’ll join you in that wow against how backwards humanity has gone. Please refer back to Hazard’s long lists of all the things you could be offended by rather than having an attack of the vapours over a childish remark about a former PM.

But, I suppose because someone somewhere made a joke about Camisole and/or Borrie and sexual behaviour involving animals at some point in time it's like all ok then?

Nope. They didn’t. It wasn’t a joke. It was an allegation. One that I realise now was never proven. So I will say for the record:

There is no evidence anyone shagged a pig and I withdraw my comment that may have suggested this and apologise for any offence this has caused.

In fact, I will categorically state I do not believe David Cameron shagged a pig.

I do, however, know he fucked an entire country.

BigChocFrenzy Wed 24-Jul-19 10:53:03

It is alleged - by Conservative Brexiters - that an individual, a former PM put his penis in the mouth of a (dead) pig

Totally different to insulting a whole nation, which is wrong, whether Welsh, English or anyone else

Seems Open Season on the Irish though and their PM, for the hard right Brexiters
- and threatening to "starve out" Ireland is particularly offensive when some English officials, e.g. Charles Trevelyan , tried to literally do that, during the Irish Famine

Iambuffy Wed 24-Jul-19 12:27:46

So...where are all the promised resignations!??

ListeningQuietly Wed 24-Jul-19 12:32:25

They will come this afternoon when she steps down.

Isthisafreename Wed 24-Jul-19 12:40:59

@HateIsNotGood - I'll tell you his concerns (which I don't share) - but it would be very bad form if you criticise him for them.

I vaguely debated whether to get mildly insulted at that as I generally criticise, or argue against, points made by posters, rather than criticising the poster themselves. But given we're all protective of our children, I'll assume that's all it is grin.

Wrt your ds' points - he's absolutely correct. A lack of border will mean free movement. However, that will be no different to the situation today so anyone who is legally entitled to be in Ireland can legally cross into NI. The difference after a brexit with no border would be that those with freedom of movement within EU could still enter NI without an entitlement to do so. It would then be up to the UK government to put systems in place to deal with this. Limiting the backstop to NI would be the sensible solution but the DUP scuppered that. Alternatively, putting systems in place to prevent people who are there illegally from working, availing of housing, healthcare, benefits etc would act as a major deterrent. I also think he (and others) are seriously over estimating the potential attractiveness of a move to the UK post-brexit for someone who has a right to live in an EU country. What it boils down to is: Will the UK do what is necessary to comply with an international peace treaty they signed up to or will they show a complete lack of integrity and break that treaty.

Wrt to his points on Israel, most sensible people agree with him. Accusing those with views opposed to Israeli policy of anti-semitism is used by certain people to prevent debate. It tends to come more from an american, pro-Israel perspective due to the strength of the jewish vote.

I did think your advice to him was a little ott but I see in a later post that he has autism so possibly needs a bit more advice on when to engage and when not to. He sounds like a person who thinks things through and considers the potential outcomes of situations. That is always a good trait, but as you say, you do sometimes need to consider whether it is worth getting into a discussion, based on your audience.

Sostenueto Wed 24-Jul-19 13:18:28

Surely there is no point to a mass resignation by the present cabinet because as soon as TM resigned they lost their jobs?
Boris the animals chief advisor doesn't seem to have gone down well Dominic Cummings.......

Whisky2014 Wed 24-Jul-19 14:16:45

Oh i feel emotional re. Theresa may. What a day for her.

SwedishEdith Wed 24-Jul-19 14:28:23

Oh, I missed Hate's final post last night. Thought it was getting weird wit "Borrie" and pretending to be offended by the Cameron/pig story. It started to get odd when they kept repeating "the 'new' censorship thing".

I thought the pig story was made up by Oakeshott to discredit/get rid of Cameron and/or test that the public will buy any old crap as a story?

Whisky2014 Wed 24-Jul-19 14:32:12

Heckler shouted "stop brexit!" She said "I think not".

Peregrina Thu 25-Jul-19 08:24:30

Not her problem any more. I wonder if she will sulk on the back benches like Ted Heath did?

DGRossetti Thu 25-Jul-19 11:21:38

Oh i feel emotional re. Theresa may. What a day for her.

Quite an exclusive club, I feel ...

Lest we forget Theresa May’s legacy of nothing

IT is customary on the occasion of the departure of the Prime Minister from office for unctuous tributes to be paid to the exiteer, and yesterday was no different, when Theresa May returned to the backbenches.

Perhaps if she had been more of a Brexiteer she would not have had to quit, and the most vomit-inducing sight yesterday was watching all the Tory Brexiteers queueing up to praise her when it was they who had stabbed her in the back.

The National feels unable to pay May any tribute. As regular readers may recall, we were banned from her last desperate attempt to convince the Scottish press and public that her Brexit deal might work.

We gave her the blank page treatment, and it was pleasing to see Private Eye, no less, copying our tactic with their May legacy issue.

Ian Hislop and the Eye crew got it right, for what was May’s contribution in nearly nine years as Home Secretary and Prime Minister? It’s nothing personal for us, but any objective analysis must conclude that

Theresa May has been a disaster in office, an inadequate and sub-standard politician in an era of such creatures, someone with all the warmth of Cruella de Vil, only minus the glamour.

Let’s deal with that first job. It was May who created the hostile environment on immigration, and as we repeatedly reported, it was May’s time in the Home Office that saw so many deportation decisions overturned by Scottish judges.

It was she, and not Amber Rudd, who created the Windrush scandal. Rudd quit saying the public outrage was justifiable, as it was, but May should have taken the blame and resigned for her past sins.

Back in 2013, two vans carrying the racist slogan “go home or face arrest,” aimed at undocumented immigrants, were driven around the country in 2013. It was a pilot project and went no further after the Advertising Standards Authority

banned it for being misleading – she always was one for peddling duff stats. Oh, and fast forward to this month and there’s May telling Donald Trump his ‘go home’ tweets were “completely unacceptable”.

Remember her vitriol against the European Convention on Human Rights? We’ll scrap it said May as Home Secretary. No we won’t, said May as PM.

She picked a fight with the Police Federation – never a clever thing to do if you’re the Home Secretary – and inevitably had to perform a u-turn. She has since shown several times that the lady is for turning...

In 2010, she promised to bring net immigration down to under 100,000. In her final full year in the Home Office, it rose to 298,000. And let’s not even go there with the Borders Agency scandals.

David Cameron kept here on as Home Secretary where she proved a reluctant champion of Remain. Yet she was still clear on her feelings prior to the 2016 referendum:

“on balance...I believe the case to remain a member of the European Union is strong”.

The u-turn was quick in coming after Cameron quit – for she needed to espouse Brexit to become PM.

In No 10, she u-turned on such issues as increased national insurance for the self-employed and the policy of letting workers onto company boards.

Her response to the Grenfell Tower fire showed the worst side of May. Emotionless, robotic and above all late on the scene. Known for her mastery of any brief, she failed at the one thing a Prime Minister needs – the human touch.

By far her worst mistake was to call a general election in 2017. “There isn’t going to be one. It isn’t going to happen. There is not going to be a general election,” said May’s spokesman in March of that year.

A month later she called one, ostensibly to get the support she needed for her Brexit deal.

Instead she lost her overall majority, bought the DUP with an odious bribe, and then completely screwed up Brexit with a deal that nobody bar her and some sycophants liked.

Her worst legacy is to leave us with a poundland Donald Trump, a premier whose only probable achievement will be to make Theresa May look adequate. Which she wasn’t.

SwedishEdith Thu 25-Jul-19 12:30:19

Not her problem any more. I wonder if she will sulk on the back benches like Ted Heath did?

She's watching cricket with Barwell, Gauke and Greg Clarke. Can't say I blame them avoiding the HoC today.

beanaseireann Thu 25-Jul-19 17:28:35

Thank goodness Gove did not get Northern Ireland.

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