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Is anyone on here a Tory party member?

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EmmaGrundyForPM Wed 26-Jun-19 07:52:20

If so, will you be voting for Johnson or Hunt?

My friends and colleagues are all debating this but none of us are Tory party members so we wont have any say. I then realised I dont actually know any Tory party members to ask them.

So if there are any on here please can you tell us who gets your vote.

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The80sweregreat Wed 26-Jun-19 09:13:18

I don't know anyone but am place marking as I'm interested in their views on this.
Will it be ' mr smooth' or bus modelling Boris.

Coppersulphate Wed 26-Jun-19 09:21:29

I am a Party member. I will probably vote for Boris but I have not finally decided.
I would have preferred Michael Gove.
My daughter is moving towards Hunt but is a Brexiteer so will probably go for Boris.

I am under 65, female and educated to masters level and in a professional role.

ifonly4 Wed 26-Jun-19 10:58:07

Interesting thread. Can we respect people's choices in the hope more answer and we can a better feel for which way things might go.

curiositycreature Wed 26-Jun-19 11:00:19

@Coppersulphate can you tell us more about why? I’m just curious really, I’ve got not preconceived ideas. As PP said, hoping your opinion is respected.

The80sweregreat Wed 26-Jun-19 11:29:30

I do not know anyone who has a vote but I do live close to a conservative club and I imagine a few people living around me will be voting. I discuss it at work sometimes. A few people are interested but many are not.

EmmaGrundyForPM Wed 26-Jun-19 15:26:20

I'm interested as the people with the final say are not ones I know.

Normally I wouldn't be particularly interested in who is becoming the next Tory party leader/Prime Minister but in this case it will make a huge difference.

I dont want this thread to be detailed by Johnson or Hunt bashing, I would really like know what those with a vote think.

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EmmaGrundyForPM Wed 26-Jun-19 15:26:57

Oh and thank you @CopperSulphate for being so candid

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Whackaguacamole Wed 26-Jun-19 15:34:06

My DF is and is going for the "anyone but boris" approach. He wanted Rory apparently which surprised me as he's getting gammony as he ages

ticking Wed 26-Jun-19 15:52:08

I'm a member and so is Dh

Both will vote for Hunt

ticking Wed 26-Jun-19 15:53:25

I think though it'll be a certainty for Boris, provided he doesn't muck it up between now and the vote like Angela Leadsom did!

Fawful Wed 26-Jun-19 16:09:49

I thought there had been entryism by UKIP on such a scale that it wasn't even worth Hunt and Johnson debating? He can pretty much do and say anything and he'll be elected, won't be?

Fawful Wed 26-Jun-19 16:10:48

Isn't it what polls suggest?

The80sweregreat Wed 26-Jun-19 16:26:11

Would someone normally affiliated to UKip then be able to join the Conservatives? Wouldn't they check first ? ( this would have been done months ago) how does it work with joining, can anyone join? Do you have to be nominated first? I've no idea at all.
I am guessing that people who agree with the ERG would more likely to vote for Boris.
I can see him winning , but I think it will be close going by these threads.

Fawful Wed 26-Jun-19 16:34:03

Normally they shouldn't have been able to join, but they were encouraged to by Banks in an explicit online recruitment drive, and the Tory members responsible for checking turned a blind eye, being Brexiteers themselves.

StitchingMoss Wed 26-Jun-19 16:37:14

@ticking, what does he have to do to “muck it up” though? He’s been proved to be one of the most loathsome, vile, Machiavellian, and frankly appalling politicians ever to grace the UK yet there is an educated poster on here prepared to vote for him.

The mind truly boggles sad

otterturk Wed 26-Jun-19 16:40:02

I'm a member. Boris through gritted teeth.i wanted Gove. Hunt is too middle management Theresa May 2.0

Doublechocolatetiffin Wed 26-Jun-19 16:41:30

I am a member (maybe I should have name changed before admitting that!) I have no idea who I’ll vote for as yet. I joined 3 months ago, so actually only just getting a vote as you have to be a member for 3 months. This was in response to our local conservative branch being infiltrated by UKIP and trying to oust our very good local conservative MP (who coincidentally votes in a very non conservative way when it comes to Brexit). I really liked him so joined because I wanted to be able to support him when it mattered, I also thought the likelihood of there being a leadership contest would be high and wanted to be in a position to vote on our next PM.

I’m disappointed with the choice before me, probably leaning towards Hunt as he seems to have a fractionally better moral compass, but will be listening in and attending the hustings if I can to get a better understanding of what they have planned.

otterturk Wed 26-Jun-19 16:41:45

@fawful no you have to have been a member for over three months. Entryism unlikely unlike the Trots who voted for Corbyn

Fawful Wed 26-Jun-19 16:49:37

Banks' recruitment drive was last year, they knew a change of leader was happening sooner or later..

Fawful Wed 26-Jun-19 16:56:04

September 2018 in the FT:

'For observers of British politics, the so-called silly season that characterises the summer months has been brought to a close by the story that a former Ukip donor and his band of Eurosceptic followers are trying to infiltrate the governing Conservative party. Yet the move appears to be more strategic than silly.
In recent weeks, Arron Banks and Andy Wigmore, close associates of Nigel Farage, have concluded that the only way to overturn Theresa May’s Chequers proposals for a softer Brexit is to instruct their Leave.EU network to join local Conservative associations, attend meetings and then vote for any genuine Brexiter who makes it on to the ballot in a future Conservative leadership election. They have branded the exercise “Operation Unite the Right”.'

MeganBacon Wed 26-Jun-19 17:12:34

I am. Through gritted teeth, Boris. He is the only one who can prevent a Corbyn government and that would be far worse than brexit or no brexit. He can’t do detail but he will have people working for him who can. I’m not interested in his private life - Clinton was a good president but serially unfaithful. That’s a private matter and i’m Ok separating the two. But it pains me hugely because I only joined so I could vote against him.

StitchingMoss Wed 26-Jun-19 17:15:39

Wow. I’m terrified by some of these replies. I’m no Corbyn fan but Johnson frightens me. He’s a nasty piece of work.

And women turning a blind eye to his private life stagger me too. His views on women rival that of Trump.

What the fuck have we become in this country? They say you get the government you deserve and fuck me we do.

Timeforachangeofscenery Wed 26-Jun-19 17:20:29

Just passed my 3 month threshold so it will be Boris for me as Hunt is just Theresa mark 2 in trousers. If Boris fails to deliver the Conservatives are finished.

StitchingMoss Wed 26-Jun-19 17:22:23

@Timeforachangeofscenery, that’s what I’m hoping! Boris can’t deliver because what he’s promised is undeliverable! The Tories will implode and will be gone forever! Hurrah!!!

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