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We won’t get Farage as PM, will we?!

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fedup21 Sun 02-Jun-19 17:52:30

DH seems to think the polls are predicting this and wants to emigrate!!

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Bearbehind Sun 02-Jun-19 17:54:44

If there was a GE next week then quite possibly.

The country has gone entirely mad and I’ve no idea what is going to bring it back to any kind of normality now.

BelindasGleeTeam Sun 02-Jun-19 17:56:12

No, because he is an MEP.

He cannot be PM without being an MP in the British parliament

Singlenotsingle Sun 02-Jun-19 17:56:21

No, because he's not an elected politician.

fedup21 Sun 02-Jun-19 17:59:06

Is he not planning to stand as an MP then? DH seemed to think he was-phew!

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Bearbehind Sun 02-Jun-19 17:59:07

Surely if the Brexit party won enough seats, in a theorictal GE, Farage could then become PM as their leader?

time4chocolate Sun 02-Jun-19 18:05:51

Or he could remain an MEP and elect Ann Widecombe to be PM!!!!

abbiecloud Sun 02-Jun-19 18:12:22

The PM has to be a serving MP. The last time Farage stood he got beaten by a bloke dressed as a dolphin.

MockerstheFeManist Sun 02-Jun-19 18:12:56

The only scenario would be a coalition with a post-split carpet-chewing no deal rump Tory party led by Bozza.

Fortunately, our decrepid electoral system makes that almost impossible.

(but only 'almost...')

twattymctwatterson Sun 02-Jun-19 18:13:06

Previously I would have said that there's absolutely no likelihood this will happen. Now I've no idea. The UK has lost it's collective mind

billysboy Sun 02-Jun-19 18:14:01

hes not an MP yet ......!

HollowTalk Sun 02-Jun-19 18:14:09

He can't POSSIBLY be PM.

The Brexit Party would have to have 350 or so MPs in order to get into power. They haven't got any!

It takes a hell of a lot to just get one MP in. They could never ever get a majority in the HoP.

abbiecloud Sun 02-Jun-19 18:15:14

EU election turnout was only 37% compared to 68% at the 2017 election

HollowTalk Sun 02-Jun-19 18:15:43

He might stand as an MP - he has before and has never got in, but then he'd have to stop being an MEP which means he couldn't lead the Brexit Party if he didn't have a seat.

Even if he was an MP, that's only for that constituency, not the country.

noblegiraffe Sun 02-Jun-19 18:16:09

UKIP got a similar amount of support in the last European elections and couldn’t translate it into MPs.

abbiecloud Sun 02-Jun-19 18:16:23

He'd also couldn't be both an MP and MEP

HollowTalk Sun 02-Jun-19 18:16:33

Yes but they need actual people to stand. Have you seen the shower who are MEPs? That's the best of the lot - now imagine the MPs they'd come up with.

MrsCatnip Sun 02-Jun-19 18:18:51

@bearbehind: He'd have to win his own parliamentary seat to do so - something which he's not managed to do yet. But these are strange and terrifying times.

abbiecloud Sun 02-Jun-19 18:20:01

What are their policies beside leaving the EU ?

Bearbehind Sun 02-Jun-19 18:21:50

I still stand by ‘never say never’.

These are strange times.

NoBaggyPants Sun 02-Jun-19 18:22:42

Worth watching the BBC drama Years and Years. It plays out a very similar scenario (with the Farage style character played by Emma Thompson).

NoBaggyPants Sun 02-Jun-19 18:23:37

What are their policies beside leaving the EU?

I don't think their supporters care about policies!

Flobochin Sun 02-Jun-19 18:23:46

It would be fab if we got Farage as PM, at least he'd get us out of bloody Europe!

placemats Sun 02-Jun-19 18:25:03

No. Years and Years features a woman as a right wing antagonist. Never will Farage get the job.

He's not Trump and he will never be Trump.

MaudBaileysGreenTurban Sun 02-Jun-19 18:25:12

They have none abbie.

Thing is, it's all very well saying 'couldn't happen here' but things have changed so much over the last three years, that the fact he's failed before doesn't mean he'll continue to fail. The momentum behind BXP is much higher than it ever was behind UKIP, imo.

The country has lost its mind, positions have become entrenched in ways that are only going to get worse over the next 6 months, and it's frankly terrifying. I think a Tory/BXP coalition, at least, is more than possible.

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