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Robin Tilbrook's Brexit court case...

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Spinflight Fri 31-May-19 05:25:25

Is very unlikely to be heard until after the tory party have a new leader.

And it might not need to be heard at all if this interview with him is correct...

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1tisILeClerc Fri 31-May-19 09:17:01

All very nice but the UK has had centuries to sort it's constitution out and has not done so. The UK has until October 31st to get it's arse into gear so arguing the toss is not going to help matters.

Chipbiffandtimmy Fri 31-May-19 16:28:47

I have heard of this case it was covered in The Washington Times on Tuesday. If I’m correct it should get it’s first hearing in the High Court in the next few weeks.
The QC who is representing the government in this case is the same one they used in the Gina Miller case.

Tiddlesandme Fri 31-May-19 18:19:55

Spinflight, your title caught my attention as a relative living in the US, big into The Constitution had asked me about it, as there was a story on it in the US press. Apparently it is quite a popular discussion between her friend group atm. She was surprised it wasn’t mentioned by our media, so I did some digging to see what it was all about.
It seems to be well known with the Leavers and is being shared on Facebook groups. It’s been kept quiet and seems the media have a blackout on reporting on it???
The case seems closely linked to the Gina Miller Case in that Theresa May needed Parliamentary permission to trigger Article 50, but by this law had no other power to request the extension without obtaining Parliaments consent. So they are saying the extension is illegal.
This is only my take on it, I’m sure there is someone who can give more info or clarity.

Tiddlesandme Fri 31-May-19 19:07:06

Meant to include this
Maybe a better explanation.

Mistigri Fri 31-May-19 19:40:33

It’s been kept quiet

It's been kept so quiet that the House of Commons Briefing Paper on Brexit law cases, published two weeks ago, didn't mention it ... er actually it did. Page 11

(FWIW serious barristers think it has no merit).

Chipbiffandtimmy Fri 31-May-19 20:06:23

Thanks for the link Mistigri. I’m amazed at the knowledge in these Brexit threads. I see where you’re coming from re serious barristers saying it had no merit. Worryingly they said the same about Gina Miller and look how that turned out, eek.

Mistigri Fri 31-May-19 20:15:52

It took me less than 10 seconds on google to find that HoC report by the way.

Anyone who is making claims about some big cover-up conspiracy is basically admitting that they are not capable of doing a basic google search.

ContinuityError Sat 01-Jun-19 12:32:42

Anneli Howard's view on the case is here:

Ilovethefuninthesun Sun 02-Jun-19 12:01:02

Continuity, just read your link. It’s interesting to note Anneli speaking of the merit of Gina Millers case as Gina was told at every stage of her case that it had no merit, but yet she continued on and won her case.
The fact that although the Government employ 3000 legal staff they have choose instead to out source the case to Sir James Eadie QC, the very judge they employed for Gina Millers case. So based on this comparison it does seem like it’s not as clear cut as it seems.

Mistigri Sun 02-Jun-19 13:52:06

Gina was told at every stage of her case that it had no merit, but yet she continued on and won her case.

This is absolutely not true. I follow a lot of lawyers on twitter, and opinions on the Miller case were divided.

On this new case ... not so much. Not seen a single serious legal commenter who thinks it has any merit.

We shall see, but as a remainer I'm not losing any sleep over this ;)

Ilovethefuninthesun Sun 02-Jun-19 14:43:22

The Government in all their protestations are taking it seriously enough when they have employed Sir James Eadie QC to defend them, but agree with your statement that the opinions on the Gina Miller case were divided and were, at the end of the day only opinions.

ContinuityError Tue 04-Jun-19 03:25:36

Not sure that appointing Eadie is that surprising - he is First Treasury Counsel after all, and has already represented the Government in Brexit related cases.

Callvey Thu 20-Jun-19 13:22:57

That's a biased review & comparison of the case.

Essentially she is saying that Tillbrook's case doesn't have merit because its the complete opposite to the miller case, arguing that the article 50 extension doesn't effect the rights of the people and leaves us in a status quo situation. whereas the miller case argued that by leaving without a deal would effect the rights of people. WTF!]
It effects the 17.4 million people who voted to leave! but being the she is happy to stay in the EU (she specialises in EU law) she probably believes the 17.4 million of us didn't know what we were voting for. What a joke, they just cant seem to understand we voted to leave. We don't care about extensions and deals etc.. we just wanted to leave!

1tisILeClerc Thu 20-Jun-19 14:19:06

{We don't care about extensions and deals etc.. we just wanted to leave!}

Typical antisocial leaver bastard crap. You do NOT take rights from me just because of your half arsed pathetic wibbling.

Callvey Thu 20-Jun-19 15:02:05

What do you mean anti social? I suppose your either on the gravy You people have no idea what your asking for. We want to leave, so lets leave

Callvey Thu 20-Jun-19 15:10:06

You also DONT take rights from me! and the other 17.4 million of us. We are going to leave now get used to it smile

DeDoRonRon Thu 20-Jun-19 15:14:35

God I am so sick of brexiteers

nothingwittyhere Thu 20-Jun-19 15:18:01

and their lack of apostrophes

1tisILeClerc Thu 20-Jun-19 15:26:52

{What do you mean anti social?}

I regard taking away my freedom to work, devaluation of my earnings, theft of my pension for me and my family all for no defined reason, more than a bit 'antisocial'.
The 17.4 Million that voted leave have not had their rights taken from them, yet. Try reading the ideology behind some of those you are wanting to elect into the cabinet.

DeDoRonRon Thu 20-Jun-19 15:27:55

and their terrible spelling

Callvey Thu 20-Jun-19 16:17:14

you have just defined the European union. Believe me we are more sick you. Idiot

Callvey Thu 20-Jun-19 16:20:23

Your sick because your a bad looser.

Songsofexperience Thu 20-Jun-19 17:23:03

Believe me we are more sick you. Idiot

Ah, people like you... such paragons of politenes! Never a bad word for others, always victimised, oh dear...

Mistigri Thu 20-Jun-19 19:45:40

I guess that pride in being English does not extend to the language.

Do they make special phones without autocorrect or a spellchecker just for brexiters?

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