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Show me your brexit stockpiles cont...

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SparklySneakers Tue 12-Mar-19 17:27:05

A thread for sharing details of our stashes: what we have, what we need, good hiding places and all sorts of hints and tips to help prepare for shortages in the event of a no deal brexit.

bellinisurge Sun 18-Aug-19 17:56:12

Bet your kids were thrilled. That's useful skills you've taught them and knowledge for life right there.

mum2jakie Sun 18-Aug-19 17:53:17

They were all eaten and enjoyed within half an hour of being dug up! Lovely. I've tried replanting the potato plants to see if they will produce any more but they look a bit worse for wear now.

bellinisurge Sun 18-Aug-19 12:38:08

But yummy @mum2jakie . And you've learned some stuff. I had a dreadful growing year for non- gardening related reasons. You take your victories

mum2jakie Sun 18-Aug-19 12:14:28

We dug up our 'crop' of sprouted potatoes we planted earlier in the year. My youngest son was delighted with the results. Pretty sure we're not going to be self sufficient any time soon! grin

bellinisurge Thu 01-Aug-19 09:37:35

And also 😂😂😂👍

bellinisurge Thu 01-Aug-19 09:37:23


Bercows Thu 01-Aug-19 09:20:17

You'll be able to feed a village with that Bellini, no need to worry wink Just buy British or grow your own after all!

BlackeyedGruesome Thu 01-Aug-19 09:19:46

I grew tomatoes on the windowsill here one year. After our holiday I am going to try again. Micro greens will work too.

bellinisurge Thu 01-Aug-19 06:39:36

I've had a terrible gardening year for one reason and another,. That's gardening. And life, unfortunately grinHowever, have some tomatoes on tbe go and, with some other seeds I have, reenergising myself with plans for micro greens.

Bercows Wed 31-Jul-19 22:39:24

I'd love an allotment!

rosieposey Tue 30-Jul-19 01:21:24

Place marking for your great ideas, moving soon and when that's done I'll start prepping.

NoWordForFluffy Mon 22-Jul-19 21:56:22

I think my haphazard style doesn't suit beetroot! 😂😂

I'll get DH to feed them with some seaweed feed tomorrow though.

SuperLoudPoppingAction Mon 22-Jul-19 21:52:35

SuperLoudPoppingAction Mon 22-Jul-19 21:51:45

The Guardian said beetroot likes boron.
There was an article about a fortnight ago.

Apparently a seaweed fertilizer is good.
So what I have done is soaked some actual seaweed to get salt out and then cut it up and dressed the soil with it.
Presumably this won't ruin the beetroot.
Fingers crossed.

NoWordForFluffy Mon 22-Jul-19 21:32:42

My carrots aren't up to much this year. We normally do really well. I think the snails have taken a shine though.

Beetroot never seems to grow that well for me. Hopefully that can change at some point!

SuperLoudPoppingAction Mon 22-Jul-19 21:32:16

The actual most impressive thing is that we got used bricks and built a raised bed to grow veg in so it gets more sun and is away from pests.
I did find a snail in there today.

SuperLoudPoppingAction Mon 22-Jul-19 21:31:03

My carrots seem to have been chomped on.
Cabbage and beetroot going great guns though.

I've been making cordials with garden things and wild things.
This week is rhubarb and cherry cordial.

NoWordForFluffy Mon 22-Jul-19 13:55:39

What are you sowing / growing them in? Did it get eaten or has it just done bugger all?

My late peas and beans are well on the way now, so you can sow more of most stuff and get later crops (in time for Oct 31) I'm sure.

I've had 23/24 runner beans and 47/48 peas come though just over a week after sowing. My broad beans are starting to poke through now too. I'm expecting to get most of them as well. It's always worth another shot.

BlackeyedGruesome Mon 22-Jul-19 13:52:39

Courgette is one tiny leaf hanging on. It is barely on mouthful for any rampaging snail

NoWordForFluffy Sun 21-Jul-19 11:26:12

The only seeds I think are fussy about age is parsnip, so I hear. Others don't care what the packets say! 😂

SuperLoudPoppingAction Sun 21-Jul-19 10:04:58

I'm still getting plants this year from seeds I bought in 2011.

NoWordForFluffy Sat 20-Jul-19 22:27:33

My courgettes took ages. And my squash. They're RAMPANT now!

BlackeyedGruesome Sat 20-Jul-19 22:11:26

Yes got next year's ready. Apart from sodding courgettes which are refusing to grow.

NoWordForFluffy Sat 20-Jul-19 22:04:29

I've got loads of seeds generally, but yeah, I need to go through my stash to see what I need for next year.

Premier Seeds on eBay are good value and I've had very few germination issues too.

In fact, I might have a little nose now.

bellinisurge Sat 20-Jul-19 21:57:20

I have a few heritage seeds and have been using seeds from what is grown. But I am thinking about adding some favourites in cheapo F1 form.

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