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Any Leavers here?

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HoyPolloy Wed 09-Jan-19 16:22:25

Been reading all these threads on here about Brexit and just wondered if anyone voted Leave?
Fwiw, I did.
If you voted Leave what do you anticipate will happen before 29/03?

Dont be shy, I can't be the only Leaver on here!smile

Justheretogiveaviewfrommyworld Wed 09-Jan-19 19:08:44

People are shy, because they are treated like thick scum, you will never get any reasonable discussion on here. I tried, I explained the reasons behind my choice, very carefully and laid out exactly why and I was savaged so badly, the thread was deleted.

HoyPolloy Wed 09-Jan-19 21:22:59

Yes I read some of the comments on there.
I'm not surprised it was deleted, it was appalling the abuse on there.
I voted Leave and just wish the govt would get on with it!

PerverseConverse Wed 09-Jan-19 22:00:45

Why did you both vote leave?

AlpacaLypse Wed 09-Jan-19 22:13:57

I voted Leave. I would have liked to have been asked before Maastricht. I don't have a problem with the economic union bit, but I do with the 'Ever Closer Social and Political Union' bit. I totally get why French and German policy makers would want to never ever have the utter horror of the World wars ever again, but I really don't think the current EU was working for us or for rather a lot of other Europeans either. If I think it might be a good idea to ask for government funding towards some local project I would like to ask (in my case) Marlborough Town Council. I'd be faintly annoyed if it was referred on to Wiltshire. Even more annoyed if it was referred on to Whitehall. And splendidly incandescent if it was referred on to Brussels. Or Strasbourg. Or wherever the EU parliament has decided to be that week.

1tisILeClerc Wed 09-Jan-19 22:24:56

{And splendidly incandescent if it was referred on to Brussels.}
With the strange irony that if you requested funds from the EU redevelopment schemes there may be a better chance of it appearing.
Westminster had it's wrists slapped by the EU for not passing on redevelopment funds to some places in Wales.
If you are interested there is a website that shows where the EU has sent money in your area. it comes up with a map and you can zoom in to your town and the projects and amounts are shown. Things like £50K for a small business startup, grants for universities, funds to smarten up high streets and so on.
It is (or was) not 'us' and 'them', we ARE (or were) British Europeans, in the same way that French and Germans are French European and German European.

lljkk Wed 09-Jan-19 22:43:36

I am interested in Leaver answers to this question:

"what do you anticipate will happen before 29/03?"

1tisILeClerc Wed 09-Jan-19 22:58:31

There will be a lot of shouting and scheming in the HoC.
There will be some violence at protests in London, possibly elsewhere.
Mrs May will be ducking and diving.
Javid will make some more pronouncements because some suspected immigrants were found in a lorry on the M6.
More examples of ridiculous spending by a government that is getting out of control and panicking. £75 Million spent on 'financial experts' as revealed today. £50K on proving you can cause a traffic jam in Kent on Monday.
The value of the Pound will leap up and down, but on an overall downwards trend until 29 March at which point there may be a serious crash.
More businesses will reveal their plans to leave the UK.

AutumnCrow Wed 09-Jan-19 23:08:29

I voted Leave and just wish the govt would get on with it!

I have no idea what the writers of this sort of thing actually mean. Genuinely.

Buteo Wed 09-Jan-19 23:37:53

‘Ever Closer Social and Political Union'

Except that’s not quite what the Treaty of Rome states:

‘an ever closer Union among the peoples of Europe’

Namedrama Wed 09-Jan-19 23:44:02

I didn’t vote. I objected to the idea of the referendum and the idea that you could ask the public to decide such a complex issue. I didn’t feel qualified to opine on what was the best way forward. I wanted that decision to be made by people with access to the best briefings available, I didn’t have that access.

As I have watched this story play out I feel pretty vindicated in my stance. This was not a suitable issue to be put to the country for the average person to decide.

Namenic Wed 09-Jan-19 23:48:51

Out of interest - do you mind what sort of leave it is? Deal, no deal, Norway, Canada? And do you mind about Irish border (or do you think it will stay open regardless)?

Namenic Wed 09-Jan-19 23:56:55

And given that no specific version of Brexit was voted on, would you object to a 2nd referendum with alternative vote system where you can rank the preferences (each ‘round’ the option with least votes gets knocked out and so that the votes aren’t wasted, the people who voted for the knocked out option get their next preferences registered and counted)?

Coppersulphate Thu 10-Jan-19 01:12:41

I voted leave and I also wish they would get on with it.
My preference is for no dal but I will accept the WA as a compromise but I don't like the idea of a customs union.

Miljah Thu 10-Jan-19 01:26:46

Copper- um- should we pay the divorce bill?

Um- What do you think happens with international trade in the event of a crash out?

Do you have any understanding of the complexities of.....

.....oh, forget it. You've already answered.

Miljah Thu 10-Jan-19 01:31:49

I have a plan. In the Post-Brexit Wastelands, people have to declare their vote in order to receive supplies.

'Leave' get nothing (apart from a dream of unicorns frolicking on sunlit uplands); 'Didn't (bother to) Vote' get goods according to how convincing their explanation of not engaging was; 'Remain' get the goods.

I wonder how many 'Leavers' there'd be, then?....

thehousethat Thu 10-Jan-19 01:43:39

Brexit means Brexit. Out means out. At least we will be able to have bent bananas again. Up yours Delors!

bellinisurge Thu 10-Jan-19 06:21:53

I think any attempt on this thread to engage with Leave voters about their decision just triggers them. They then say how hurt they are by being badgered with questions and how mean we all are and how that proves they voted correctly.
We each made a decision when we voted and we must live with the consequences of what we did. We were all inspired by different reasons and "feelings " to vote the way we did but only one result is likely to end in catastrophe- that's No Deal .

thehousethat Thu 10-Jan-19 06:28:45

It's ok though because quite a lot of people have stated that "personally" they are ok with no deal.

HoyPolloy Thu 10-Jan-19 06:31:57

I would prefer a no deal.
However, If it was a choice between TM's deal or no Brexit then I would opt for her deal.
If there was another Ref then I would still vote Leave.
I live in an area where @65% voted Remain.

Gonzales27 Thu 10-Jan-19 06:38:27

@HoyPolloy What do you think will happen if we have a no deal?

Do you believe there will be an economic down turn?

If so how bad and for how long?

Are you concerned for individuals who will lose their jobs and businesses or do you think it will not happen?

What do hope will be better and how soon will we see these benefits?

Hopefully all the above comes across as genuinely interested and respectful (not goady).

PerverseConverse Thu 10-Jan-19 06:38:31

Ok, two questions now: why did you vote leave? And why do you want no deal?

thehousethat Thu 10-Jan-19 06:40:43

Since when did individual preference matter? The selfishness is astonishing

recently Thu 10-Jan-19 06:46:04

Why would anyone prefer a no deal? That was never the point of leaving. confused

bellinisurge Thu 10-Jan-19 06:48:20

@HoyPolloy if you live in an area that voted opposite to you (I do the other way around) , it is natural to feel under siege. Especially if you come on here and the majority of posters are also for Remain . I come on here because it is good to feel a connection and like mindedness with somebody when the world around me holds the opposite view.
All I can suggest is that you pop over to the Preppers topic for some sensible budget friendly advice. I'm on there all the time and the general feeling is not to care how people voted but just to get on with looking at practical proportionate ways to build a buffer in your food supply. You can bluster all you like about how it'll all be fine but please at least lurk on those threads to get some ideas.

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