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Today's march- How many took part?? Any trouble?

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Miljah Sun 09-Dec-18 18:18:19

As there appears to be a bit of a news black-out! Couldn't see it on the BBC half an hour ago at all, well barely!

Buteo Sun 09-Dec-18 18:38:53

Seems to be about 3,000 for the Brexit Betrayal March and 15,000 for the counter demonstration?

bellinisurge Sun 09-Dec-18 19:29:51

It wasn't a news blackout so much as not very interesting or significant compared to other news.

Miljah Sun 09-Dec-18 22:06:50

It should have been huge! Why wasn't it? And if it was of no consequence, why did it try to 'stand in comparison' to the huge Remain march?

bellinisurge Sun 09-Dec-18 22:10:10

In fighting. Pity we all go down shit creek with them. Let's just hope we avoid No Deal.

jm90914 Mon 10-Dec-18 04:18:48

It’s good to see that ridiculous Laxley man couldn’t muster more than 3000 to the event. Even if it doesn’t really represent a shift toward remain.

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