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Get a better deal!

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Parker231 Sun 09-Dec-18 12:06:56

Watching Sky News and the interview with Ester McVey who is saying that Theresa May should go back to the EU and demand a better deal. Why would the EU give the UK a better deal - it’s the UK who are leaving. If you are the one leaving the club, you aren’t in a position to demand much.

1tisILeClerc Sun 09-Dec-18 12:33:40

The Government have had 2 1/2 years to write a decent deal, and they haven't bothered.

salopek Sun 09-Dec-18 12:34:01

Maybe because the EU would still like some money off us considering we are the 2nd biggest contributor to the EUs budget 🤷🏼‍♀️

1tisILeClerc Sun 09-Dec-18 12:56:03

The EU will still get some money. They are not refusing to trade and the UK HAS to buy food from somewhere. Oh look, there's a group of countries with food supplies and distribution networks there on the doorstep (feigns surprise).
Oh dear, the prices have gone up an awful lot.

PseudoBadger Sun 09-Dec-18 12:57:42

There is no better deal. This shit needs to stop.

prettybird Sun 09-Dec-18 12:58:03

Contrary to popular preconceptions, the UK is only the 8th biggest in terms of our capita contributions hmm, on a par with, iirc, Italy.

So after the initial shock of the smaller contribution to fixed costs (somewhat ameliorated by the re-location of EU agencies like the EMA and the EBA to E27 countries), I'm sure the EU will cope just fine grin

jm90914 Sun 09-Dec-18 13:31:21

What is this better deal? I’ve heard all sorts of people prattling on about it without ever saying what constitutes a better deal.

The only thing that’s clear the me is, whether you like or loathe who got us our current deal, they did a hell of a good job and nothing can be better than what they negotiated for us in the first place.

jm90914 Sun 09-Dec-18 13:32:00

Note - when i say current deal, I mean our membership terms

RealPeople Sun 09-Dec-18 13:36:12

Organise a Co-operative, buy and work some land and farm equipment, we need to be as self-sufficient as possible for the climate change environmental issues and Brexit.

bellinisurge Sun 09-Dec-18 16:07:33

Perhaps I should go on telly and say "we must get a better deal". And then nobody will notice what I say after that, either.

DRE56322 Sun 09-Dec-18 17:15:58

The only better deal is to stay in the EU.
It's either this, crash out or remain.

1tisILeClerc Sun 09-Dec-18 19:03:03

Since the whole setup between the UK and the EU is so complicated it is near impossible to condense it into a single statement.
While the WA is almost universally criticised it is probably the most pragmatic way forward, as it ensures there is no dramatic 'cliff edge' change on March 29th and many of the terms would ultimately be negotiable AFTER 20 March so it is not a hard and fast document.
Of course it LOOKS bad, and indeed it is but the UK has buggered about for so long and not got anywhere and still hasn't stopped fighting with itself. Thus the WA is tough but if the UK puts some grown ups into the ring it can subsequently be improved, or if the UK really does want to sever ties with the EU, it can happen without both sides being destroyed.
Of course UK politicians oppose it, but they have done bugger all that is constructive so what do you expect the EU to do?

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