Second referendum

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lonelyplanetmum Mon 03-Dec-18 07:09:36

As has been said...
In 2016 We were asked to vote for something completely unknown and undefined. It has been negotiated by the unprepared to get the unspecified for the uninformed.

In 2018 we now have more specification about what we can get and are more informed.

Instead of Pandora pig inside the poke there is a pile of pig poo.

lonelyplanetmum Mon 03-Dec-18 06:50:18

* I wish people would understand that it wouldn't be the same referendum all over again!*

Hear, hear.

The 2016 vote could never have been anything more than an instruction from half of those who voted to explore the options for relinquishing EU membership.

We've explored the options now and they're rubbish.

Jason118 Sun 02-Dec-18 23:05:09

I wish people would understand that it wouldn't be the same referendum all over again! It will be a choice based on the latest options that have now been negotiated. People saying that it's a re-run to try and get the 'right' answer are way off the mark and yet the media still repeat the mantra. Even when Ireland had their recent referenda, the second one based on modifications to the original deal, people still quote it as asking the same question again when it patently isn't.

Parker231 Sun 02-Dec-18 18:50:50

I’m not entitled to vote but what would happen after a second referendum, a third to make it best of three?

Yaralie Sun 02-Dec-18 18:49:03

Watch out for the detail on recent surveys. One on the Express website gives the choice between TM's deal and no-deal. The majority as identified by many other recent surveys, would reject both in favour of remaining. So if you are one of that majority, you could not honestly vote in that Express so-called survey.

lazysummer Sun 02-Dec-18 16:55:06

It appears that the most recent survey gives Leave a majority. A second referendum would need to have two options- accept the current deal as a basis to Leave or Remain. My gut feeling is that the current deal will get through Parliament, due to fears of the Brexiteers and no deal taking over.
I personally am in favour of a second referendum now that the Leave situation is clearer. I appreciate that this could be very dangerous, however, and agree with Bellini.

bellinisurge Sun 02-Dec-18 16:29:16

Don't want a second referendum if no deal is an option in that referendum. Enough people are just both stupid and stubborn enough to vote for it.

Staytuned9 Sun 02-Dec-18 16:19:52

I think remain would get a large majority if we had a second referendum. All the leave voters I know say that they'd vote remain now and I don't know any remainers who would change their vote to leave. You'd have to seriously bloody stupid to vote leave having seen the total mess it is and knowing the lies that have been told. Those remain voters who say that they'd vote leave now because of democracy seriously piss me off. Surely democracy is about voting for what you believe in and what you think is right for the country as a whole. I wish we could just halt this madness and get on with our lives.

Dh recently got an email inviting him to register for the EU workers scheme as part of a pilot (he's a nurse). He's been working in that crappy job here for 20 years and this is how he's treated. If we didn't have kids in education here, we'd just bugger off.

theconstantinoplegardener Sun 02-Dec-18 15:53:20

Well, he would say that, wouldn't he! Michael Gove is known to be eurosceptic and was instrumental in Vote Leave, so he does rather have a vested interest in discouraging anything that might undo all his hard work.

BoyMeetsWorld Sun 02-Dec-18 15:19:49

Michael Gove is saying a second referendum is likely to come out Leave again but by a greater margin. And even if the only option was Remain or Leave with No Deal.

Surely our country en masse couldn't really truly do that?? It sort of makes me lose the will.

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