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ErinWinspear Mon 03-Dec-18 07:58:58

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Bodoni Mon 03-Dec-18 07:56:53

I think the dogcollar implying she was a CofE vicar rooting for May was the distinctive factor here. As she’s in fact an anti-Muslim Trump supporter. As you say, it's not new - there was that young toff on Question Time claiming to be a happy zero hours worker.

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CaptainKirksSpookyghost Mon 03-Dec-18 06:48:01

They've been doing this for years.

Tanith Mon 03-Dec-18 06:42:00

I think this has been going on for years on all channels.
I remember watching an AIDS debate in the 80s and being struck by the distinctive face of one of the audience, who was arguing against the use of condoms.
I was quite surprised to see a very similar face appear in adverts and eventually in films. The name of the actor credited in the films is Eddie Marsan - now an excellent and established actor. I’m fairly sure that was him in the audience all those years ago - he is hard to forget!

Bodoni Sat 01-Dec-18 21:19:59

Has this been mentioned? - - it’s quite extraordinary. Well, given how degraded the BBC is these days, perhaps not. More info from putting seeds for wealth ministries into Google news.

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