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To lighten the mood

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Tiscold Thu 29-Nov-18 11:14:08

I know brexit is a very serious issue but you've to hand it to these guys this is great

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RuggerHug Thu 29-Nov-18 13:26:41

I knew what this would be😁

You do not even know his name!!!😂

Tiscold Thu 29-Nov-18 13:54:38

I do love foil arms and hog, they're just brilliant grin.

Funny but not too critical of either side

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Thiswayorthatway Thu 29-Nov-18 14:04:22

Very funny grin

bellinisurge Thu 29-Nov-18 16:14:56

Love it. These lads are a good laugh and I hoped they'd have a go at Brexit.

Tiscold Thu 29-Nov-18 16:41:26

Agreed i was waiting ages for them to do the subject and

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1tisILeClerc Thu 29-Nov-18 20:41:54

Although not Brexit, this may be fun for younger viewers:

nuttynutjob Thu 29-Nov-18 21:07:47

My contribution

MrsTerryPratcett Fri 30-Nov-18 02:47:39


Talkinpeece Sat 01-Dec-18 14:39:48

LOVE the Trump one.

I love these videos ....

lonelyplanetmum Sun 02-Dec-18 22:56:17

I like this one ...especially the rat hairs.

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