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Westminstenders: May plays Sale of the Century

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RedToothBrush Wed 28-Nov-18 12:17:15

Theresa May is currently in the midst of a campaign to sell her deal to the public. Unfortunately she appears that there are only 649 people she needs to sell it to, and that's not going so well.

She attempted a sales pitch to potential Labour rebels and succeeded in getting them to actively decide to vote against her.

There are currently 100 backbench tories who have stated they will vote against it, which makes parliamentary maths very difficult.

There is a rising support for plan b in the form of Norway Plus. This may make Remainers less likely to vote for a deal but persuade some leavers to back May.

The ECJ A50 Court case has been heard. Judgment has not been given yet. Its due 'soon'.

Next week the Withdrawal Agreement will be debated in Parliament with the vote due at 7pm on Tuesday 11th December.

Expect a rough couple of weeks.

lonelyplanetmum Wed 28-Nov-18 12:21:39


DGRossetti Wed 28-Nov-18 12:27:53


Hazardswan Wed 28-Nov-18 12:37:38

Expect a rough couple of weeks

I read that as optimisism grin

Thanks red, have a lovely day whatever your doing cake

Motheroffourdragons Wed 28-Nov-18 12:40:54

Place mat king.

Thank you Red

RedToothBrush Wed 28-Nov-18 12:41:28

ECJ judgement being published 9am 4 Dec.

Mrsr8 Wed 28-Nov-18 12:42:35

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

1tisILeClerc Wed 28-Nov-18 12:46:34

Blimey, new balls (thread) time again?
Thanks Red

prettybird Wed 28-Nov-18 12:57:18

ECJ judgement being published 9am 4 Dec.

A week before the "Meaningful vote" wink - although I know it's only an interim judgement.


EtVoilaBrexit Wed 28-Nov-18 12:57:38

Place mat king

lettuceWrap Wed 28-Nov-18 12:59:27

A rough couple of weeks?
I’m expecting a rough couple of decades sad

TingTingTingleBells Wed 28-Nov-18 13:01:15

Cuddly toy...oh no, that’s the Generation Game.

A game the younger generation has lost and is totally pissed off about.

DeloresJaneUmbridge Wed 28-Nov-18 13:04:49

“Worse off in every way”.

I would laugh if I wasn’t so fucking angry with all the fuckwits who voted for this ....and I include my own family in that comment.

Idiots the lot of you who voted for truly are stupid and have spent the last two years with fingers in ears saying “I can’t hear it so it won’t happen”.

FestiveForestieraNoel Wed 28-Nov-18 13:20:57

Thanks red <depressed>

DGRossetti Wed 28-Nov-18 13:29:20

UK authorities should not be granted access to data held by American companies because British laws don't meet human rights obligations, nine nonprofits have said.

In a letter to the US Department of Justice, organisations including Human Rights Watch and the Electronic Frontier Foundation set out their concerns about the UK's surveillance and data retention regimes.

They argue that the nation doesn't adhere to human rights obligations and commitments, and therefore it should not be allowed to request data from US companies under the CLOUD Act, which Congress slipped into the Omnibus Spending Bill earlier this year.

mostdays Wed 28-Nov-18 13:31:03

My friend voted Leave because her dad said to do so, and she doesn't understand why that makes me so angry. My cm's neighbour voted Leave because she's "sick of all the p**is". One of the ignorant scum my mum is sadly related to voted Leave as "I hate the English" (he's Welsh). I doubt any of these three people even really know what the EU is. Cm's neighbour thinks we already left.

prettybird Wed 28-Nov-18 13:33:46

The National (the only pro Indy paper) has been banned from being present at May's flying visit to Scotland hmm

According to dh, this is the second time in a week that they have been banned from Government events - but he wasn't sure what the other event was. angry

Taking lessons from Trump angry

EtVoilaBrexit Wed 28-Nov-18 13:36:04

Banned pretty?
You mean we now have a government trying to censor newspapers?

<very sarcastic> Great

prettybird Wed 28-Nov-18 13:38:19

Banned or not given permission to attend. Same difference angry

EtVoilaBrexit Wed 28-Nov-18 13:39:36

DGR yep.
Interesting to see that sort of stuff is coming out now. But Tbf, it has been going in for a long time (at least since TM was at the HO but maybe longer)

Did you know that when you apply to the settled status you also agree to have your data shared to whoever the HO decides, incl private companies? And you can’t say NO because if you say NO, you can’t apply for SS

EtVoilaBrexit Wed 28-Nov-18 13:40:24

I agree pretty it’s crap and non excusable imo. Not in a democracy.

Mrsr8 Wed 28-Nov-18 13:44:28

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

bellinisurge Wed 28-Nov-18 13:49:39

Thanks@RedToothBrush .

DGRossetti Wed 28-Nov-18 13:55:16

Did you know that when you apply to the settled status you also agree to have your data shared to whoever the HO decides, incl private companies? And you can’t say NO because if you say NO, you can’t apply for SS

Is that covered by a GDPR opt-out ? Even if the HO is, the companies can't be.

1tisILeClerc Wed 28-Nov-18 14:01:24

I think the concept of democracy in the UK has been lost.
We vote for local MPs to represent us in parliament, but then they can either decide how to vote themselves, or get told what to vote for.
Particularly over Brexit but there has been no proper attempt to investigate 'rigging' by assorted means.
Combined with the wheedling and digging up of old clauses and getting judges to ponder about things it is simply a mess.
At least in some democracies like Russia, you vote as you are told then get on with working around the situation.

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