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Will it be a unanimous or majority vote by the EU27 on the Brexit deal?

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MyNameIsArthur Tue 20-Nov-18 20:41:28

Just wondering if the Brexit deal would get through by a majority vote or whether Spain would veto it because of Gibraltar?

I know it getting through our own Parliament will be a challenge anyway

ragged Tue 20-Nov-18 20:43:20

EU runs on consensus decision making, they will find a way to placate Spain's concerns & we will only see a united front within 2 weeks. Spain's issues with Gibraltar can probably be addressed with like 2 sentences. This is nothing like the issues May is facing in British parliament.

1tisILeClerc Tue 20-Nov-18 20:48:28

I think the issue Spain has is that the WA draft closes off the discussion about whether Gibraltar 'belongs' to Spain. It is unfinished business in their eyes so they want the clause to read such that discussions can continue in the future.

Frenchfancy Tue 20-Nov-18 20:52:25

I think the EU27 vote has to be unanimous. I think Gibraltar could easily be a problem.

MyNameIsArthur Tue 20-Nov-18 21:09:14

Is not looking good for this deal then!

MyNameIsArthur Tue 20-Nov-18 21:11:21

unless a new clause is put in. Would our Parliament agree to any clause on Gibralter?

bellinisurge Tue 20-Nov-18 21:20:46

Has to be unanimous.

Talkinpeece Tue 20-Nov-18 21:22:25

it will be unanimous
it will go through without a hitch
Varadkar will have words with the Spanish

bellinisurge Tue 20-Nov-18 21:26:06

Just like our numpties think the deal can be changed, I guess they do too.

Talkinpeece Tue 20-Nov-18 21:33:29

Last week I drove across the border between RoI and UK near Enniskillen

Until that moment I really did not understand how visceral the GFA is for the island of Ireland
Brexiters clearly do not.

1tisILeClerc Tue 20-Nov-18 21:47:35

{Just like our numpties think the deal can be changed, I guess they do too.}
If it is as I read it, The Spanish were a bit annoyed because they had not seen the full draft of the WA (585) page before it went to May and Co.
I could be wrong!

Tanith Tue 20-Nov-18 22:31:51

Isn't it funny how no-one seems to be talking about the possibility of EU27 rejecting the WA (except here, of course).
It's almost as though the thought hasn't occurred to them smile

prettybird Tue 20-Nov-18 22:42:35

As I understand it, as long as the WA doesn't include future trading agreements (and transition arrangements don't count), then it can be approved by QMV.

That's why the framework for the future trading agreement is in a separate (15-20 page?) document which isn't worth the paper it is written on as it is just a set of desired outcomes which could change depending on governments in power

It is the future trade agreement - which hasn't been defined yet - which will require unanimous approval from the E27.

bellinisurge Wed 21-Nov-18 06:53:49

@Talkinpeece in a way it's almost heartening that Brexiteers don't realise how fundamental GFA is. Show's it's kept the peace and not blipped on their radar.
Until you wake up and realise that only the DUP wants to smash it - which speaks volumes.
For me, the Manchester bombs aren't just the horrible events after the Arriane Grande concert. I experienced the one before that personally. I have a police officer relative who decided to change his name to make it less Irish sounding for his career in the police. In a major British city.
GFA keeps the peace for all of us across the UK. Fuck with it at your peril.

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