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Anyone with any idea on what happens to UK citizens at EU universities?

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theDudesmummy Wed 21-Nov-18 09:04:13

When I said Leavers I meant the self-serving bastards politicians and media moguls who sold the lie to the public not neceassrily blaming all the people who were duped.

1tisILeClerc Wed 21-Nov-18 08:48:22

I have a feeling I saw a while ago that Erasmus will continue unless there is a 'no deal', in which case it may still be on the table.
It would be possible to look it up but there is no point at the moment as the possibilities are so open ended.

SuburbanRhonda Wed 21-Nov-18 08:21:26

To be fair to leavers, I don’t think it was their job to investigate the issues. The government called the referendum; they should have explained in detail how different sections of society could potentially be affected. Or not held a referendum if they felt the issues were too complex for most people to understand.

Instead they fed people lies about the £350,000 and persuaded them that any negatives would be outweighed by getting back the #iconicbluepassport.

theDudesmummy Wed 21-Nov-18 08:13:51

Everything about this is a shitstorm, I agree. One stepdaughter benefitted from Erasmus a few years ago, who knows whether that will be possible for students in the future. None of the Leavers gave any thought to any of these issues.

theDudesmummy Wed 21-Nov-18 08:11:34

everyone pays the same fees whether EU or not (there are lots of Chinese, Indian, Nigerian etc students), so that is not a concern

SuburbanRhonda Wed 21-Nov-18 08:11:29

Yet another potential shitstorm that the government omitted to tell leavers they were voting for angry

theDudesmummy Wed 21-Nov-18 08:05:06

One is vetmed and the other is medicine. I do had some concerns about the degrees being recognised, but (I am in medicine) I know that there are doctors who qualified in many nonEU countries working in the UK, so hopefully the worst case scenario is that they would need to do some form of extra exam with an EU degree. It's a worry though. But there would not be any particular reason for the GMC to suddenly stop recognising qualifications they currently recognise (they decide whether qualifications are valid, not the government), that is what I am hoping anyway. My medical degree is not British and not even EU (although it is Commonwealth) and I have been working in the NHS for 30 years.

Mistigri Tue 20-Nov-18 21:02:04

And whether they will be able to work in the EU afterwards. It's still relatively unlikely but it's not impossible to imagine a situation in which a student had no automatic right to live and work in Europe, yet had a qualification not recognised in the UK.

LovesLaboursLost Tue 20-Nov-18 20:50:29

Students won’t have problems getting student visas if that becomes necessary. I imagine their main concern is whether they’ll suddenly become eligible for international fees? It’s possible.

Frenchfancy Tue 20-Nov-18 20:48:21

Unless it is Ireland in which case Brexit shouldn't make a difference to qualifications.

Frenchfancy Tue 20-Nov-18 20:44:07

My concern would be whether the qualifications would be recognised in the UK post Brexit. That is a long course so I am guessing it is something like vetmed in Budapest. The qualification would be accepted within the EU but no guarantee whether they would be able to work as a vet in the UK (for example)

Mistigri Tue 20-Nov-18 20:39:21

It is British students at EU universities who are among the worst affected.

I have friends who live in France and have a daughter studying in another EU country. She is likely to lose her permanent residency in France and could end up with no right to remain in any EU country despite having lived in EU countries almost all her life.

1tisILeClerc Tue 20-Nov-18 17:18:01

I suspect most Universities will have someone that is looking out for any possible requirements for new documentation, they want to retain students after all!
Maybe talk to mentors and express your concern, bearing in mind even the government of whichever country they are living in may not have much detail at the moment. So much is hanging on the WA and future talks.

theDudesmummy Tue 20-Nov-18 17:09:59

At the moment we are all hoping for the best. There is no definite info that I have found. But they have 4-5 years of their degrees to get through still so even if nothing changes imediately, who knows in the long run. It's a worry but they are just getting on with their studies. What a (totaly unnecessary) mess.

1tisILeClerc Tue 20-Nov-18 16:15:39

As with anything Brexit, nothing is guaranteed.
Various EU countries have indicated that they will 'look after' UK nationals in any event but I am not sure it is written in ink and the ink has dried.
At the moment we can only keep our ears to the ground and react appropriately if and when visas or registration or whatever may appear.
I think (and very much hope) that we do not need to panic.
There are sites such as BritainsinEurope who will probably have better information. The UK government guidelines suggest things will be OK but it is best to get local knowledge.

theDudesmummy Tue 20-Nov-18 15:53:01

Just that really. Both of my stepdaughters are studying at universities in the EU. They each have several years to go on their degrees. Has anyone any ideas on what implications Brexit will have for them? (They are in a country which is not in Schengen).

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