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Westministenders: The One Where We Finally Get A Leadership Challenge?

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RedToothBrush Sat 17-Nov-18 22:50:25

Tick tick tick.

What do we think?

Yes? No?

Another week of wtf-ing at British politics.

1tisILeClerc Sat 17-Nov-18 22:52:06

Thanks yet again RTB!
Personally I think it's bedtime.

Staringcoat Sat 17-Nov-18 22:53:22

Checking in. Thank you RTB!

IrenetheQuaint Sat 17-Nov-18 22:55:41

Things have been quite quiet since the rash of resignations on Thursday, but I have noted several MPs on Twitter (both Labour and Tory) arguing for another vote. I suspect it will be a busy week...

colouringinpro Sat 17-Nov-18 22:56:52

RTB ⭐⭐⭐⭐

ThereWillBeAdequateFood Sat 17-Nov-18 23:11:18

Thanks red

BigChocFrenzy Sat 17-Nov-18 23:21:50

Thanks, red 💐

It's looking like the ERG have either bottled it, or messed up.

Can it be that the planned "next Chancellor" can't count up to 48 ?

lljkk Sat 17-Nov-18 23:22:40

I imagine Graham Brady not back in Westminster until tomorrow. Tomorrow evening we should know either way.

nuttynutjob Sat 17-Nov-18 23:39:48

Plaice mat king. I think this thread would fill up again soon

Interesting times

AwdBovril Sat 17-Nov-18 23:50:07

Thanks RTB.

RedToothBrush Sat 17-Nov-18 23:55:07

It's looking like the ERG have either bottled it, or messed up.

The latest polls aren't good for the Cons. Enough to make a few waivers think they better do it after all or they might lose their seat.

KingPrawnBalls Sat 17-Nov-18 23:58:21

Evening all, thank you red I'm still catching up on the last thread 😏

Peregrina Sun 18-Nov-18 00:09:10

Wonder how far the thread will have moved when I get up tomorrow!

boatyardblues Sun 18-Nov-18 00:16:51

Is it time to start investing in spam futures, or has the canny money already moved on to SAS survival skills manuals and Mad Max style bunkers?

RedToothBrush Sun 18-Nov-18 00:21:33

Spam is no longer made in the UK...

Hazardswan Sun 18-Nov-18 00:22:50

I thought things would be quiet over the wkend but if Brady is back tomo - eek!

I'm off to look up the latest polls before bed I lead an exciting life

Thanks again red halo

boatyardblues Sun 18-Nov-18 00:29:01

Spam is no longer made in the UK...

Trust you to know this Red!

Icantreachthepretzels Sun 18-Nov-18 00:29:25

place marking - I haven't even managed to get on the last two threads, they've moved so quickly.

RedToothBrush Sun 18-Nov-18 00:37:30

Google is my friend.

Apparently the last factory closed in Liverpool in 1997.

lonelyplanetmum Sun 18-Nov-18 00:44:12

Here's some spam
To thank red for her threads.

tava63 Sun 18-Nov-18 00:53:16

Thank you RTB - struggling to keep up but hugely appreciate these threads.

BigChocFrenzy Sun 18-Nov-18 00:59:59

You can invest in futures of commodities produced anywhere,
e.g. oil, sugar, cocoa, wheat

However, it's yet another way to lose money if you don't know what you're doing

ginandtonicformeplease Sun 18-Nov-18 01:05:47

At least Marmite is made in the UK - and is something that can be stockpiled.

I looked at that list of leadership hopefuls and the word that came to mind was 'twat'. I wouldn't trust any of them to organise a piss up in a brewery, let alone run the country.

BigChocFrenzy Sun 18-Nov-18 01:06:58

*Leave-voting MP Nadine Dorries slams May's Brexit deal because UK won’t have seats in European parliament*



< resumes banging head on desk >

“But unfortunately, the future of the country and of our relationship with Europe is at stake.
This deal gives us no voice, no votes, no MEPs, no commissioner.”

BigChocFrenzy Sun 18-Nov-18 01:11:19

If you wondered how the country ended up in this mess,
it*s because the Leave leaders are mostly fucking idiots like her, Raab, DD

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