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Concerned about anti Irish sentiment

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BackInTime Wed 07-Nov-18 15:26:20

Anyone else notice this online or experience this in person? Some of the comments towards the Irish under Brexit news stories online are just extreme and appalling. I have also experienced some in person.

It’s looking like no matter what the outcome Ireland’s failure to roll over and comply with the wishes of Brexiters means they will be blamed for Mays failure to deliver the ‘will of the people’ unicorn.

Heratnumber7 Thu 08-Nov-18 17:55:42

So Anti English sentiment is ok, but not Irish?

Are the Welsh ok?

Jungster Thu 08-Nov-18 22:51:59

I'm not living in the UK, are people really saying that with a shrug, like we should just leave for their convenience? Only the sun readers could think that was fair? and that's probably unfair to sun readers!

AngryCrispLady Fri 09-Nov-18 08:21:45

It’s not just Daily Mail readers though, is it? We had the Guardian and this guy on twitter saying “we’re an island” in relation to the UK. Do any other UK countries get their existence COMPLETELY forgotten about on a regular basis?

SoloD Sat 10-Nov-18 10:16:27

I know not all Leave voters were xenophobic morons, but sadly some are. The worst part of Brexit is what it has done to our society, making us look and feel like a scared little country, fearful and angry. And then we have politicians coming out stirring up this, to avoid taking responsibility for the lies they were a part of.

I hope sanity will return

merrymouse Wed 14-Nov-18 11:35:24

It's the arrogance of the English

Well it’s the arrogance of the particular English people who forgot that Ireland exists and are cross about having to remember the peace agreement and that the U.K. has a land border with the EU.

To be fair they also hate alot of English people.

Dulra Wed 14-Nov-18 15:14:05

Yes I have noticed angry. I lived in london for a number of years and I am married to an English man so we are over quite a few times a year. He is from a brexit voting part of england. When we were visiting over the sunmer, for the first time ever, I found a "them" and "me" situation. They were all moaning at the fact that the irish border question is causing so much problems and delaying brexit and why don't the irish keep out of their business! I was blue in the face telling them that it is not an irish border it is a British border on the island of Ireland which was agreed by mps in Westminster in 1921 under the irish governance act. And there in lies the problem British kids need to be taught their history warts and all because the ignorance is breathtaking.

Obviouspretzel Wed 14-Nov-18 22:10:37

I'm English and (stupidly) thought that although other racism is rife in this country, racism against the Irish was mostly eradicated. I've been proven wrong time and time again, especially the casual kind of anti Irish sentiment I see on mumsnet regularly.

Obviouspretzel Wed 14-Nov-18 22:11:58

And it's not just the racism it's the ignorance and lack of understanding about anything to do with NI, ROI and the border etc.

Juells Fri 23-Nov-18 10:31:40

They were all moaning at the fact that the irish border question is causing so much problems and delaying brexit and why don't the irish keep out of their business!

I can't help noticing that the main stumbling blocks to UK's easy exit from EU are countries where the UK has kept a toe-hold - Ireland and Spain.

Peregrina Fri 23-Nov-18 11:44:00

I think that's a good point Juells, although both Spain and Ireland need the backing of the rest of the EU. Contrast that with letting Hong Kong go: China was so powerful there was precious little we could do to oppose them taking it back.

1tisILeClerc Fri 23-Nov-18 11:54:30

There is also Scotland and to a lesser extent Wales.
The Westminster government undermines their wishes.

Stufftheturkeysholewithholly Fri 07-Dec-18 21:33:20

And when it all couldnt get bad enough we have Priti wanting to starve us into submission. I despair.

bellinisurge Sat 08-Dec-18 07:54:57

Priti Patel should be deselected as an MP for that disgusting comment.

SonEtLumiere Sat 08-Dec-18 08:00:24

Priti Patel should be deselected as an MP for that disgusting comment.


And of course it demonstrates the hypocrisy and double standards of far too many Leavers, because I can say confidently it isn’t a policy she would be happy for other countries to impose on the UK.

BackInTime Sun 09-Dec-18 09:51:30

I have just picked up on the Priti Patel comment. She absolutely should be brought to task for her sheer ignorance and arrogance. If comments like this were made against any other nation that had suffered in the way Ireland has in the past there would be uproar.

Linsalara Sun 09-Dec-18 10:02:33

A few MPs have hit back at Priti for her comments.

bellinisurge Sun 09-Dec-18 10:08:36

Was discussing it last night with Irish born uk relations and in-laws. All feeling a bit twitchy if Patel's comments go unchecked.
I've only once had anti-Irish sentiment directed at me. I have a family member who's a police officer in the West Midlands who changed their name to be less "Irish sounding" back in the 80s. Let's hope we don't go back to that shit.

Cleo18 Tue 11-Dec-18 13:28:48

AllI am seeing on this thread is rather nasty anti-English sentiments expressed.
There seesm to be a "Them" who are all bad things and we can all agree to hate but actually almost half the English voted Remain, (so are they racist?), many Leave voters are black/Asian, (so are they racist?), Many English living in England are second or third generation Irish, (including me), so what are they??

Prejudice clouds judgement and is always unhelpful

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