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Concerned about anti Irish sentiment

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BackInTime Wed 07-Nov-18 15:26:20

Anyone else notice this online or experience this in person? Some of the comments towards the Irish under Brexit news stories online are just extreme and appalling. I have also experienced some in person.

It’s looking like no matter what the outcome Ireland’s failure to roll over and comply with the wishes of Brexiters means they will be blamed for Mays failure to deliver the ‘will of the people’ unicorn.

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Hazardswan Wed 07-Nov-18 15:32:48

It's the arrogance of the English, I don't know if it's grown worse or brexit has brought the perfect excuse for some Irish bashing.

Here's hoping Ireland stands firm and to use a MN phrase gives British politicians heads a wobble.

SillySallySingsSongs Wed 07-Nov-18 15:36:06

It's the arrogance of the English

Sweeping statement much hmm

Hazardswan Wed 07-Nov-18 15:50:24

Have you met English people? grin

HashTagLil Wed 07-Nov-18 15:51:34

So Anti English sentiment is ok, but not Irish?

SillySallySingsSongs Wed 07-Nov-18 15:52:19

So Anti English sentiment is ok, but not Irish?

Seems so hmm

Bombardier25966 Wed 07-Nov-18 15:56:41

Brexit supporters are going to bemoan anyone that stands in the way of what they want (whatever that may be). However the majority of the UK are now pro remain, so I would be surprised to hear them slating the Irish.

Personally I see the Irish as our closest allies. I certainly won't be slating them.

astoundedgoat Wed 07-Nov-18 15:58:40

I've definitely noticed it. I imagine these people always felt that way, and now they get to voice it. A great article in the Irish Times about it last week about the astonishment felt in certain quarters that we're not twisting our flat caps in our hands and being grateful to them up at the big house for letting us smooth their disastrous exit from Europe.

I'm confident that not every single English person feels that way, but many do, and are not slow to show it.

PollyEthel Wed 07-Nov-18 16:06:59

It's the same with Europe, but with the disdain for the Irish replaced by disdain for Europeans. How dare Europe not bend over backwards to make Brexit successful for us, the British!

(I say this as an Englishwoman who, as is very typical, has a fair whack of Scots, Irish and Welsh in her).

PollyEthel Wed 07-Nov-18 16:07:58

This is not to say that there isn't a nasty streak of post-colonial arrogance that is adding to the nastiness when it comes to Ireland.

Abra1de Wed 07-Nov-18 16:09:08

Not this again!

BackInTime Wed 07-Nov-18 16:19:15

I overheard a conversation about Brexit travelling to work today re Brexit ‘it’s time we sent the army back to put them Paddies back in their box’. I am hearing and reading more and more comments this hence my concern that among staunch Leavers that Ireland will be vilified for this whole mess not going to plan.

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GhostofFrankGrimes Wed 07-Nov-18 16:37:49

This is not to say that there isn't a nasty streak of post-colonial arrogance that is adding to the nastiness when it comes to Ireland.

Yep. Plenty of BTL comments on the usual sites to back this up.

Heatherjayne1972 Wed 07-Nov-18 16:46:11

I’ve got a feeling a lot of people haven’t realised that Ireland is a sovereign state totally independent of the U.K. !

SillySallySingsSongs Wed 07-Nov-18 16:47:38

Have you met English people?

Yes thank you. It doesn't make your statement any better.

Hazardswan Wed 07-Nov-18 16:48:38

SillySally lol

GhostofFrankGrimes Wed 07-Nov-18 16:49:37

I’ve got a feeling a lot of people haven’t realised that Ireland is a sovereign state totally independent of the U.K. !

Add to that lack of understanding on the GFA, The Troubles, the NI Assembly, Common Travel Area...

ny20005 Wed 07-Nov-18 16:52:00

I think a lot of it is the Farage / Trump effect. People think they can say it as it is again & be openly racist & rude.

I'm in Scotland so don't get it that much here

Although before eu ref - a few at work we're taking about immigrants. I said I'm an immigrant & they said they didn't mean me. Turned out they meant Syrian refugees 🙄

Scarily, these are well educated people. I gave them a geography lesson & walked away

AngryCrispLady Wed 07-Nov-18 17:05:09

I’m half English / half Irish but understand the “arrogance of the English” thing, albeit this is rather sweeping and probably best applied to the current government and their cronies. It’s likely caused by the “one way” flow of news. I’m still taking aback going home at the stuff that does make national British news about NI. And on a personal level couldn’t believe it when my well educated relatives from England came to a family wedding in the Republic and didn’t know they’d need Euros (what?!) - this could be seen as “arrogant”, but if I’m talking about my lovely English family I’d, in the nicest possible sense, say it was more “ignorance”.
“Arrogance” is a good description of those in charge of Brexit and has really shone a light on their ignorance. Shame they’re relying on the DUP for the counsel on NI issues. The whole thing’s fucked.

AlphaJuno Wed 07-Nov-18 22:46:41

I certainly don't think it's all English people that have that attitude but I have noticed some comments online that are a bit and derogatory about the Irish, such as 'they can't be trusted not to cause trouble' and the like. Maybe Brexit has just highlighted those people who have those views. I'm English but I don't like those sorts of comments. I also don't like really ignorant comments which show a lack of understanding of the issues in Ireland. By holding this referendum and not really giving serious thought to how things would work out in Ireland, it's potentially put their country in jeopardy, we should be sorry not moaning that they are getting in the way.

LegoPiecesEverywhere Thu 08-Nov-18 17:08:45

I don’t think the majority of English think like that.

In every society you will get uneducated racist idiots. As a pp said it is not just the Irish they are blaming it is also the French and Germans. There are also many disparaging remarks being made about Italy, Spain, Portugal and Greece and that is just Europe.

I was reading some comments in the Dailymail (I know). A poster wrote the following and got tons of upvotes and comments agreeing with him.

‘The solution to the Irish border is simple. Ireland leaves the EU at the same time as Britain. Job done.’

geekaMaxima Thu 08-Nov-18 17:39:13

I agree that the majority of English people don't think like that.

The the problem is that a very loud, visible, vocal minority of English people do think like that, and in my experience, they seem to feel more free to express their bigotry since the run-up to the Brexit referendum. Anti-Irish sentiment is rife in the UK (and on MN), and there have been several recent threads here where Irish posters have recounted their experiences of anti-Irish racism in the UK only to have their lived experience mocked, minimised and gaslighted by bigoted MNers. It was horrible to see.

A further problem is that a very large part of the majority of English people stay silent and don't challenge this kind of racist behaviour when it emerges, so the bigots get away with it. Whether the reason is indifference, obliviousness, or fear of bringing negative repercussions on themselves, the result is be same: racists think their behaviour is acceptable to everyone and the targets of racism think nobody cares enough to intervene. Everyone claims to abhor racist behaviour, but silent abhorrence has the same effect as silent agreement. sad

Moussemoose Thu 08-Nov-18 17:41:04

Brexit has opened the Pandora's box of racism. I don't think one group is being picked on more. There is equal opportunity racism at the moment!

Jungster Thu 08-Nov-18 17:43:09

Anybody who thinks send an army in is a good solution is just an idiot.
Im not reading the comments. I am sure they would annoy me. Leo V a bit right wing but im del8ghted he is in charge of this. Other previous Taoiseachs would have rolled over.

BackInTime Thu 08-Nov-18 17:53:06

‘The solution to the Irish border is simple. Ireland leaves the EU at the same time as Britain. Job done.’

I have been asked on numerous occasions by leave voting colleagues ‘why don’t Ireland just leave so we can just get on with it’? Or ‘can’t we just make them leave’ hmm

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