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Westminstenders: The Maddest of May and Boris's Dare

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RedToothBrush Sat 16-Sep-17 22:43:07

Boris Johnson just dared May to fire him.

That's what his little rant about £350 million buses is.

Meanwhile its been pointed out that HMRC literally are incapable of handling a no deal and can only cope with an EEA / EFTA deal with no tariffs.

And given how good and on time the government are with computer systems even in a best case scenario are extremely unlikely to crack it in time.

Which makes Hammond's talk of a civil contingence plan, look, well half arsed and lacking.

We also wouldn't have planes able to fly to Europe under a no deal as we would no longer be part of Open Skies. This could leave thousands stranded. But no biggie there.

Meanwhile if the Leave Alliance have things right, May is about to serve our one year notice on leaving the EEA making all these things a reality.

Which is less like shooting yourself in the head and more like shooting yourself in the head, chest, foot, arm, leg and face (for a second time), whilst being run over at the same time.

But hey, Boris Johnson has it sussed in his 10 point plan. Especially the point where he says Brexit will be a success.

If you call success ending democracy, becoming a dictatorship, starving everyone, bankrupting the country and causing civil unrest.

Rule Britannia.

WifeofDarth Sat 16-Sep-17 23:02:15

A recruitment ad for the civil service fast stream has just popped up on my screen below rtb's intro. Is that an ad server with a sense of humour or are they trying to recruit the arch remoaners? grin

RedToothBrush Sat 16-Sep-17 23:06:59

Just to repeat in case you missed it on the last thread

Alison McGovern‏ @Alison_McGovern (Labour MP for Wirral South)
THREAD: Some notes I made in Treasury Select Committee HMRC hearing yesterday 1/n
HMRC are currently in the midst of changing to a new customs system. But it’s a new system that wouldn’t cope if there is no deal.
The current system can manage 55million customs transactions.
New one = 100m. Estimate needed for hard Brexit? 250million
(Current HMRC customs change project has ‘amber’ warning from Infrastructure and Projects Authority)
There are 26 bodies across Government with a presence at UK border. This needs to be simplified.
But the ‘one government at the border’ project has been stopped given Brexit complications.
Plus, there are 130,000 British exporting companies that currently have no red-tape to deal with, but will have to after Brexit.
HMRC need to know what deal will be so they sort process. To meet 2019 deadline, they need to know by latest April 2018, pref sooner.
But negotiations are still about exit. Haven’t even started on new deal yet.
Am I the only one wondering why Brexiteers – especially ministers - haven’t got more to say? [fin.]

And there you have it.

Even the civil contingency plan won't cut it.

The government might gamble and think that they can force unilateral continuity.

If they do that gamble - and lose - then we are utterly screwed with no way to solve the problem because we literally do not have the capability or the capacity to do so.

Badders08 Sat 16-Sep-17 23:12:43

Really good points Somerville. Ones i will be making to dh
I desperately want to leave

thecatfromjapan Sat 16-Sep-17 23:14:51

Who is the billionaire funding Legatum?

artisancraftbeer Sat 16-Sep-17 23:15:59

Thank you for the new thread. I didn't manage to keep up with the last one...

It's interesting to watch the murdoch press. I think boris has lost everything because he's now s figure of fun for the times and sun...

Somerville Sat 16-Sep-17 23:30:05

Hope it helps a bit Badders, and thanks for your advice on the school stuff. I really can't believe I'm back to direct discrimination for having Irish passport. confused

Where do you want to go? Ireland? We're tempted by Dublin but we're all working on our French at the moment, too. I want to be nimble, when the time comes.

I've only read about Legatum on these threads. I'm too chicken anxious to Google.

RedToothBrush Sat 16-Sep-17 23:31:52

Never let it be said that all leavers are stupid. Some are smart and have genuinely legitimate and creditable reasons for supporting leaving. Pete North is certainly one of those.

I think we probably share more opinions than disagree overall. Which is a shame. Brexit could have been ok.

Gove and Patel apparently now backing Johnson's leadership bid vision of Brexit.

Has to be said just when you thought Brexit couldn't get any ridiculous it does. It's the gift that keeps giving.

RedToothBrush Sat 16-Sep-17 23:36:34

Don't know if this is remotely true, accurate, made up or just confused.

I'll post saying this as it is who has been suggested. I'll leave it with you to fact check.

Badders08 Sat 16-Sep-17 23:37:40

Ireland would be good 😁
Dh is just refusing to believe how bad it's going to be...his company mostly export outside the EU and therefore he thinks it'll be ok
He attitude seems to be "commerce wont accept a hard brexit"

thecatfromjapan Sat 16-Sep-17 23:40:53

Thanks, Red .

Somerville I hope things work out with your ds.

KilgoreTroutV Sun 17-Sep-17 00:11:16

Yesterday 23:12 Badders08
I desperately want to leave
Who or what is stopping you?

Peregrina Sun 17-Sep-17 00:26:53

Would May fire Boris? She's a ditherer.

For those who want us to 'get behind Brexit', I thought again of Nazi Germany - those who weren't being carted off to the camps or being murdered had to try to get on with their daily lives as best they could. They didn't need to embrace the Nazi ideology. I feel the same about what I see as a coming storm - I will try to get on with life and be a decent person, but I am not going to buy May's right wing agenda. I begin to suspect that May herself doesn't realise how much of a pawn she is.

RedToothBrush Sun 17-Sep-17 00:31:18

I like my EU citizenship. Not keen my British atm. Perhaps I could just keep the EU one and ditch the other. I'd be stateless so I suspect I'd have a legal right to stay and work in UK.

Equally brits who don't like EU citizenship could ditch theirs and holiday in Skegness rather than Spain.

EU cits can continue to vote in EU elections and British citizens could continue to be completely oblivious to what goes on in the EU parliament.

EU cits could work in the NHS and schools and have access to them based on residency ( as currently exists).

Brits would only being seen by British staff cos that's ok with them.

EU cits could trade as is currently the case unhindered with EU. Brits could follow the Brit system and standards which don't match with the EU ones and use the British trade tariff system.

There's Brexit solved. Everyone's happy.

RedToothBrush Sun 17-Sep-17 00:32:46

I begin to suspect that May herself doesn't realise how much of a pawn she is.

The signs have been there a long time about her being a hostage to someone else's bidding.

Peregrina Sun 17-Sep-17 00:37:50

But does she know it Red, that's the question?

KilgoreTroutV Sun 17-Sep-17 00:38:53

Today 00:31 RedToothBrush
I like my EU citizenship. Not keen my British atm
Is anyone forcing you to keep your British citizenship?

woman11017 Sun 17-Sep-17 00:54:22

RedToothBrush Sun 17-Sep-17 01:18:07

Is anyone forcing you to keep your British citizenship?


RedToothBrush Sun 17-Sep-17 01:24:33

Oh you mean you want me to justify why I'm pissed at my government and why I'm not a nodding dog?

Let me explain.

I believe in the British ideals of democracy, equality and free thinking. Unlike the British government.

Shame really. They really should teach British values at school.

What do you mean they do? If that were the case young people would be up in arms over Brexshit.


RedToothBrush Sun 17-Sep-17 01:37:10

I'm so British I'd fail a British citizenship test.

RedToothBrush Sun 17-Sep-17 01:45:55
Universal credit is in 'total disarray', says Labour
Party joins charities in calling for roll-out to be paused as claimants run up rent arrears and incur debts while waiting for payments

One in four new universal credit claimants waited more than 42 days for a first payment, while nearly half of families said moving on to the benefit had led them to fall behind with rent for the first time.

Debbie Abrahams, the shadow work and pensions secretary, said: “The government’s flagship universal credit programme is in total disarray. It is unacceptable that one in four claimants are waiting more than six weeks to receive support, alongside mounting debts and arrears among recipients.

The work and pensions select committee has launched an inquiry into universal credit after hearing evidence from landlords, charities and tenants about extensive problems associated with it.

Can't wait for the smooth and orderly transition of Brexit from the same government that brought you this shower of shit. What could possibly go wrong apart from everything?

TheElementsSong Sun 17-Sep-17 05:24:45

i see we escalated the "why haven't you left yet, you traitor?" overnight. Oh dear oh dear grin

whatwouldrondo Sun 17-Sep-17 06:28:08

Gets out Brexit bingo card with a sigh.....

I have been in the straits settlements for the last weeks, where mosque, Hindu and Chinese temple can be within a few yards of each other. It's not perfect, especially historically, but the governments are keen now to promote diversity and tolerance, and nobody I have met/observed , from diverse backgrounds, have displayed any sign of behaving otherwise . The young people especially seem to mix regardless of ethnicity and religion. Just came up in a lift where two British tourists, who had acknowledged my British accent when I got in, proceeded to have a deeply racist and Islamaphobic conversation concerning physical characteristics as well as dress. It was also deeply ignorant since it concerned in part the veil and most Muslim women here do not wear the veil, the women that you see wearing it are visitors from the Middle East, because economic growth here, with benefits for the whole of South East Asia, has in part stemmed from activities related to Islamic finance. They could have found that out from the Lonely Planet, let alone actually making an effort to talk to people. Presumably they took it for granted that they were free to come out with ignorant bigotry as long as the other person in the lift was "British" angry. An especially low moment of British citizenry, though generally it is a bit embarrassing to come from to quote the placard and the prevailing attitudes amongst those I am meeting here "a small island full of mad people"

TheElementsSong Sun 17-Sep-17 06:31:47

I have been in the straits settlements for the last weeks

Ooh, where ron? You've been on my "home" turf grin

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