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Westministenders: The Election Car Crash

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RedToothBrush Tue 06-Jun-17 15:42:26

I was thinking about how I could sum up the general election campaign and well. This said it all.

A weak and wobbling Conservative Poster van that had blown over, closing three lanes of traffic and causing election chaos.

There are some massive ironies here whatever the result.

If May wins unless she gets a massive majority it will be a hollow victory. For Corbyn to be seen to have won, he just has to stop and landslide and if he manages to win less seats than the Tories could be the Prime Minister.

If we are honest though, Corbyn's chances are very slim and require a lot of things to happen in his favour. That said, 64% of 18 - 25 year olds DID vote in last years referendum. In 2015 the turnout was just 43%. They might well hold the balance of power.

The only certainty we have is that some of the pollsters will be smiling on Friday and others will be holding a crisis meeting.

FWIW I don't think a hung parliament situation will happen. I expect a Tory Majority of 80. Please help prove me wrong and get as many people under the age of 40 (yes its the 25 - 40 year olds who are also shy of the polling booth) to vote.

Its good for democracy.

JustAnotherPoster00 Tue 06-Jun-17 15:51:39

Thanks for the threads RTB, its the hope thats going to kill me, I know shes probably going to win though

woman12345 Tue 06-Jun-17 15:54:41

They may win power, but will they have a mandate. smile many thanks Red.

LurkingHusband Tue 06-Jun-17 16:00:26


HashiAsLarry Tue 06-Jun-17 16:04:02

Thanks rtb

Badders123 Tue 06-Jun-17 16:05:54

Ds1 has come hone and told me his school election has labour winning by a landslide.
There is hope for the future but I fear on Friday we are doomed to 5 more years of Tory cuts to the poorest and selling off our country to the highest bidder (US or Saudi?)

LurkingHusband Tue 06-Jun-17 16:10:31

Ds1 has come hone and told me his school election has labour winning by a landslide. There is hope for the future ...

But wouldn't that have been the same at any time in the past ? When my 6th form had mock elections in the early 80s Labour won by quite a margin. And yet, the older seem to tend towards Toryism, almost as if people feel obliged to match up to the stereotype.

Maybe we should weight peoples votes against how long, on average, they would have to live with the results ? The older you get, the less it's worth ?

BiglyBadgers Tue 06-Jun-17 16:12:44

Nice new thread. grin

Motheroffourdragons Tue 06-Jun-17 16:13:58

Red thanks for the new thread. I was reading something about one of our hopefuls inner constituency who also was an independent. It took me a while but I have finally discovered she used to be UKIP.

No sign of that on her glossy literature. Mind you, she is the only one that has sent anything out in mu constituency.

Badders123 Tue 06-Jun-17 16:14:01

I have to hope LH!!

Badders123 Tue 06-Jun-17 16:14:03

I have to hope LH!!

Motheroffourdragons Tue 06-Jun-17 16:14:15

in our not inner.

squoosh Tue 06-Jun-17 16:15:11

That photo really does sum it all up!

MangoSplit Tue 06-Jun-17 16:16:46

Place marking

SapphireStrange Tue 06-Jun-17 16:21:24

Thanks Red.

JustAnotherPoster00 Tue 06-Jun-17 16:23:48

Charmageddon Tue 06-Jun-17 16:32:41

Checking in for a nail biter...

RedToothBrush Tue 06-Jun-17 16:36:55

The YouGov Model Update 6/6

Cons down to 304 (Mon: 305 Sat: 308 seats, Fri: 313 Thurs: 317) – 42%
Labour up to 266 (Mon: 261 Sat: 261 Fri: 257 Thurs 257) – 38%
LDs down to 12. (Mon: 13 Sat: 10 Fri: 9, Thurs 10) – 9%
SNP up to 46 (Mon: 42 Sat: 47 Fri: 48) – 4%
Plaid 2 (NC) – 0%
Green 1 (NC) – 2%

The YouGov Model bizarreness continues...

BiglyBadgers Tue 06-Jun-17 16:43:54

Here is Andrew Mitchell completely failing to know what the minimum wage is, which really can't be considered an obscure figure. I would expect all MPs to have a pretty good idea of what this is.

squoosh Tue 06-Jun-17 16:46:45

This is not the first time a politician has been put on the spot with the 'how much is minimum wage?' question. You think they'd all Sharpie it on to their wrists in case they were asked. It's a pretty basic fact to have to hand!

HashiAsLarry Tue 06-Jun-17 16:49:10

Yet when Corbyn needs to look up figures he's made a mockery of.

LurkingHusband Tue 06-Jun-17 16:54:19

The YouGov Model bizarreness continues...

I had a YouGov survey today about voting, etc.

Assuming they cross reference it with previous ones I have done, it should pick up the switch from LD to Lab (passim).

However, some YG questions are - to be honest - pretty shit. I had one recently, which could not be answered honestly. They were clearly trying to avoid a "don't know" get out, but by forcing an answer which had no equivalent in reality, they were clearly going to get crap results.

LurkingHusband Tue 06-Jun-17 16:54:57

This is not the first time a politician has been put on the spot with the 'how much is minimum wage?' question

Or price of a loaf of bread ?

squoosh Tue 06-Jun-17 16:56:12

I've just realised how much Andrew Mitchell looks like an older Eric Monkman! Sorry Eric.

squoosh Tue 06-Jun-17 16:57:41

Or price of a loaf of bread ?

Many politicians would reply 'Oh I know this one! It's £7.50 for a loaf of sourdough in my local bakery.'

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