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Continue to be disgusted by the BBC

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Girlincognito1 Sun 02-Apr-17 10:39:15

Just watched The BIg Questions on BBC 1 and there were about 4 Brexit voters in the audience. Hardly balanced! When the young man, who was really doing well and putting across excellent points about Brexit had finished, it was clear that the BBC had chosen the majority of the audience as remainers. Absolutely disgraceful! I'm sick of the BBC, which is a pile of bollocks. I never use their service. It should go public, which would save everyone the license fee. Rant over.

Caprianna Sun 02-Apr-17 10:40:36

It should go public?

Girlincognito1 Sun 02-Apr-17 10:44:20

Sorry private and use commercials. It's the rage.

RortyCrankle Sun 02-Apr-17 10:49:30

I gave up expecting impartiality from the BBC even before Brexit and if I do watch a news programme, take it all with a pinch of salt. It's stuffed with left wing luvvies and I resent having to pay the license fee to support it.

Tanith Sun 02-Apr-17 11:20:12

How strange! I watched exactly the same programme and thought the young man in question was patronising and full of glib soundbites. He also claimed that only 40% voted Remain.

No, the BBC are not full of left wing luvvies, Rorty - you've been corrected on that point before. Some are even members of the Conservative party, as an embarrassed Conservative MP once found to his cost when he tried to accuse his interviewer of bias.

GraceGrape Sun 02-Apr-17 11:24:51

Maybe it was to balance out QT where 90% of the audience always seem to be rabid pro-Brexiters? (With the exception of the recent Brexit special, which did manage to actually seem to have a balanced representation of audience members).

TheBogQueen Sun 02-Apr-17 11:28:44

I think the BBCs showcasing of Nigel Farage on every single bloody QT over the years shows that it is trying to be scrupulously impartial. However this was not extended to the SNP.

And frankly the Brexit doom-Sayers are speaking the truth. We are always paying for Brexit and it will only get worse sad the BBC is not lying.

Anon1234567890 Sun 02-Apr-17 11:32:53

I have always thought the BBC is institutionally bias to the left. But it is a consequence of never having to raise the money you spend. Sky seems to be much more balanced on issues. Don't pay the license fee just use the iplayer online.

twofingerstoEverything Sun 02-Apr-17 12:31:15

If you 'never use their service', how did you manage to watch the programme?

LordRothermereBlackshirtCunt Sun 02-Apr-17 12:33:09

This would be the BBC that offers a guaranteed spot at the table on Question Time to UKIP every week, would it?

RortyCrankle Sun 02-Apr-17 12:37:25

No, the BBC are not full of left wing luvvies, Rorty - you've been corrected on that point before.

I think I should point out that because someone had the presumption to, IMO, erroneously 'correct' me in no way changes my opinion and I shall continue to post what I believe to be true. Just as you no doubt shall.

twofingerstoEverything Sun 02-Apr-17 12:39:13

I didn't watch, but would be really interested to know what the 'excellent points about Brexit' were, because we keep asking on MN and no-one is able to give a specific answer that doesn't involve the word 'sovereignty', which even TM's White Paper said we had never lost.

And who can use a phrase like 'left wing luvvies' and expect to be taken seriously? Name-calling is a poor substitute for rational, fact-based arguments, but is sadly all too common on these threads.

twofingerstoEverything Sun 02-Apr-17 12:40:22

I shall continue to post what I believe to be true. And in the absence of you being able to provide any actual sensible argument, we shall continue to piss ourselves laughing.

RortyCrankle Sun 02-Apr-17 12:50:36

Of course, as I shall continue to piss myself laughing at those who I think are wrong. That's fair. Laugh away grin

Heratnumber7 Sun 02-Apr-17 12:50:36

Bogqueen the SNP is not a national political party.

woman12345 Sun 02-Apr-17 14:07:40

Well, I do wish they still had The Old Grey Whistle Test, if that helps. Oh and Play for Today. And Letter from America.

And ban cake programmes, this country is too fat.

Peregrina Sun 02-Apr-17 14:21:33

I wish they could bring Spitting Image back. They would be having a field day right now.

As for left wing bias? UKIP and Farage who are represented on QT and the other politics programmes, most weeks? Funny idea of left wing, if that's the case. Left wing bias would be a representative from Socialist Worker on every other week. As it stands, they can hardly ever rustle up a Green spokesperson, who do at least have an MP in Parliament.

woman12345 Sun 02-Apr-17 14:33:47

Spitting Image ooh yes!
And how about I Claudius, a little reminder on what egocentric corrupt little fascists are like in power.

allegretto Sun 02-Apr-17 14:36:57

Anon - if you use iplayer you should have a licence.

Girlincognito1 Sun 02-Apr-17 16:23:28

OH was watching of course.

SpringDad Sun 02-Apr-17 16:30:59

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Dapplegrey2 Sun 02-Apr-17 17:15:05

Name-calling is a poor substitute for rational, fact-based arguments.

Iirc you have pretty sarcastic to those you disagree with on the EU ref threads.

whatwouldrondo Sun 02-Apr-17 17:23:32

Oh Yes, the BBC whose idea of balance on the financial passport is to field a representative of city bankers and other financial institutions on one side and a tycoon hedge fund manager in tax excile in the Channel Islands in search of total city deregulation in his own interest (because less regulation was really good for the UK economy in 2009 in the other.

Or on a debate on trade fields an actual EU trade regulator and Melanie Phillips /Farage /(insert ignorant right wing loud mouthed polemicist of your choice )

The BBC have list the plot I agree, so scared of the Tory right wing and the threats of bias and privatisation that they bend over backwards to give them a voice, whether or not they have something worthwhile to say.......

TheBogQueen Sun 02-Apr-17 20:06:38

How many SNP MPs are there in he house of commons?

How many UKIP?

When we talk about power and influence and the BBC are UKIP really losing out? I don't think so.

JumpingJellybeanz Sun 02-Apr-17 20:09:49

Maybe they're finding it increasingly difficult to find anyone willing to admit on national TV that they voted for this shambles.

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