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What will Brexit mean to our family?

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CalineF Tue 14-Mar-17 00:51:29

I am French. I have permanently lived in London since June 1992. I have paperwork to prove when I arrived and I can prove I also worked more than three consecutive years for the same companies over the past 25 years. I am not working a the moment due to chronic debilitating migraines. A relatively rare syndrome called HC and NDPH. All neurological treatments have so far failed.
I was engaged to a British man from Essex. John Smith is his name. I am not making this up!
We have a four year old daughter born in London.
We never married and separated two years ago.
I am the sole carer of our daughter.
I didn't apply for cityzenship. I didn't think I would need too.
Will I be asked to leave despite having leaved in London for twenty five years. Despite having worked and studied in the UK. Despite being ill and having no close relative. I am estranged to my family in France. Despite my daughter being British?
Have you any insight?

KarmaNoMore Tue 14-Mar-17 00:57:25

I would like to reassure you everything will be ok but I think this country is changing, xenophobia is coming back and Teresa May seems determined to continue fostering it.

If I were you, I would be applying for the Indifinite Leave to Remain and citizenship ASAP.

BoboEK Tue 14-Mar-17 08:13:09

I have a friend from Denmark who is a MD of a investment company in the City and has lived in the UK since 1989 (married to a Argentinian who lives in Tonbridge and their 2 children attend the grammar schools).

He just got a letter from Home Office asking him to leave !

He is now moving the whole company back to Denmark with the loss of x amount of Jobs from the staff that do not want and cannot re-locate.

What a cluster Fxxx, I am so embarrassed to be English right now.

salsaysthis Tue 14-Mar-17 08:30:23

Really Bobo shock On what basis did they ask him to leave??

I am an EU citizen (Czech) but married my English husband earlier this year as was getting scared about getting kicked out. Very romantic registry office wedding grin

Peregrina Tue 14-Mar-17 08:48:16

He just got a letter from Home Office asking him to leave !

Was this one of those 'prepare to leave' letters, which the Dutch lady whose case became famous a few weeks back received?

I think OP, you need proper advice from an Immigration lawyer.

TinyTear Tue 14-Mar-17 08:55:02

Bobo, that seems odd as Broxit hasn't been activated yet...

I am from a EU country and have been here since 2000, also married to a Brit and have 2 British children.

I am now collating paperwork for my Permanent Leave to Remain and will get the citizenship straight after.

I am regretting shredding a lot of documents from the 2000-2005 period but i think i have enough bank statements and payslips to cover me...

and paid £40 for electoral roll data as well...

TinyTear Tue 14-Mar-17 08:55:41

OP, I have hired an immigration lawyer. I can PM you her details if you need

frenchfancy Tue 14-Mar-17 08:58:56

I don't think anyone can answer you definitely, but there is certainly a risk that you might be asked to leave.

One of the problems is that you don't work, and presumably therefore don't have private medical insurance.

You cannot be forced to leave a the moment, you are an EU national and for the moment the UK is still in the EU. All will depend on the negotiations. It is easy to say get a lawyer, but they don't come cheap.

What a worrying time you, and other families like you, must be having.

CalineF Tue 14-Mar-17 13:29:28

What does OP stand for?

Bearbehind Tue 14-Mar-17 13:31:34

Original Poster

bignamechangeroonie Tue 14-Mar-17 13:32:50

They can't possibly be asking the Danish bloke to leave, WHO is doing this? It's not been triggered so literally NOTHING should have happened yet confused

ImperialBlether Tue 14-Mar-17 13:36:00

Much as I am a Remainer and I do believe these things will happen in the future, I think there are an awful lot of urban myths around.

We are still in Europe. Denmark is in Europe. There's no way he could have been asked to leave. He might be in the future, but not yet.

CalineF Tue 14-Mar-17 13:41:15

I believe for a permanent remain leave I need to be working. I have to do some research.
I am contemplating applying for cityzenship but £1400 is a lot of money. I am a single mother with no support from family and from the father of my daughter. I despised him for the mess he left us in. She was a planned pregnancy. We were to get married. Then he changed and choose alcohol. He abandoned us. As a result of is behaviour under alcohol, he is not even allowed to see his daughter without first consulting solicitors. What a mess!
What about my four years old child? She is British. She has never been in France.

Peregrina Tue 14-Mar-17 13:49:57

There's no way he could have been asked to leave. He might be in the future, but not yet.
But then a Dutch woman and a German man were both asked to leave, so it's perfectly possible.

lalalonglegs Tue 14-Mar-17 15:14:11

OP - you might ask to have some of the details removed from your posts, it makes you and your ex quite identifying (even if his name is very common).

I don't know if you will be asked to leave. EU citizens have been left in such a disgusting mess by this shitty referendum. All I can say is that if the UK decides that it is going to pick and choose who can stay from the people who came here legitimately and built their lives here, then I imagine there will be one hell of a class action and the government would be kept very busy fighting court cases. Good luck flowers.

CalineF Tue 14-Mar-17 20:39:51

@lalalonglegs There is no risk of him or me being identified.
How can you remove any part on a post? I can not see any option to allow a poster to do so.

ShoutOutToMyEx Tue 14-Mar-17 20:53:31

I am an EU citizen (Czech) but married my English husband earlier this year as was getting scared about getting kicked out.

Ahoj Sal smile

We're getting married this year and DP is applying for British citizenship as soon as he's able (a few months). I hope that'll be enough but who's to say.

KarmaNoMore Wed 15-Mar-17 08:19:51

OP, put the excuse of being a single mother to the side at this time (I say so as a single mum with no support in the country) and try to get a more proactive approach.

You are unable to work because of the debilitating migraines. One of the advantages of not being working is that you have TIME (even if you are having just 2 hours a day that are pain free) and you can use part of that time to research how to get your ILTR and study for a citizenship test even if at this time you don't have the money to apply for it.

It may be difficult to see yourself going back to work in the near future, but the longer you stay out of work, the more complex your situation becomes. The bigots that want foreigners out don't care if you are an educated person, that has paid taxes, contributed to the country and have a British child but who is unable to work because of health problems.

In their view you are a foreign national, unemployed, living out of benefits, abusing their NHS and stealing their taxes support yourself and a French child (I have heard that rethoric even from the bastard I was married to). The sooner you are out of that, the least vulnerable you will be and feel.

You are not cornered into a position where you can't do anything to help yourself, at least not yet. While there is even a small opportunity to turn your life around and improve your situation just take it. They come in many shapes and some are not attractive (I have 2 PG degrees and have a good life but there have been times in past when I had to stack shelves or work as a cleaner to keep our heads above the water), you just have to do your best with what you have, even if it is just a few hours a week when you are pain free.

Remember that as single parent the buck stops with you. We manage to do miracles alone, just because we have to. smile

Keep strong and don't let dispair to take completely over you. flowers

Lalelou Wed 15-Mar-17 08:40:24

OP thanks all I can say is get your papers in order and apply for the LR card. Others will have more insight and will be able to help with practical suggestions.

I am unable to process in my head that our government is acting in such a hostile way toward our European friends who have chosen to make a life here and who are part of the fabric of our society.

I am outraged at this and flabbergasted that British people don't seem to mind terribly.

As far as I am aware there has been no public outcry as there was with Trump's Muslim travel ban.

Mistigri Thu 16-Mar-17 07:32:57

I'd advise downloading these free ebook guides to making a permanent residency application:

If you can't afford an immigration lawyer, then join one of the social media groups for EU citizens - someone should be able to give advice (but be careful about legal advice from strangers whose legal qualifications you can't check).

Unfortunately it sounds like you may be one of the EU citizens who falls into the Home Office's traps re health insurance for people who are not in work. So get advice before spending money on an application that may fail.

For those doubting that the Home Office has been sending "prepare to leave" letters to EU citizens who have been in the UK for decades - have you been living under a rock?!

frenchfancy Thu 16-Mar-17 08:00:15

I have been thinking about you and wondering what I would do in your situation. We are on the other side of the coin, Brits living in France, but fortunately obtained French nationality last year so are safe.

All of the suggestions here have you fighting to stay in Britain, which may be costly and may well not succeed. As Mistrigri says the lack of health insurance is likey to pose a problem in temrs of leave to remain.

Have you considered instead putting you efforts into finding somewhere to go in France? Does your daughter speak French - if not then that would be a good place to start (though I suspect she does). Find out everything you can about the French benefits you might be entitled to, which areas have expertise in your health condition. Do you have no friends in France at all?

I am not saying give up - I am merely pointing out that if you do have to leave you will be better off if you have all the information you need up front.

LurkingHusband Thu 16-Mar-17 13:56:50

There's no way he could have been asked to leave

Is this a pantomime ?

Oh yes there is !

takes you to

which explains that even as an EU citizen, you need to fulfil certain criteria to live in the UK. And currently the Home Office is having a field day going through their records, and contacting people to "catch out".

This is all being done under an existing EU treaty, and something the UK has always had the option to do (much like being able to control non-EU immigration). But none of this should come as a surprise to anyone - in particular anyone on this forum. After all, we were all fully informed. Weren't we ?

BoboEK Thu 16-Mar-17 14:18:47

Exactly. It is happening, which disgusts me.

LurkingHusband Thu 16-Mar-17 14:39:13


If you're so concerned about foreigners rights, perhaps you should give up your UK citizenship and fuck off abroad ?

as MrsLH was told in the hospital, recently ...

BoboEK Thu 16-Mar-17 15:01:16

It's a sad state of affairs unfortunately.

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