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Hidden treaties and Brexit ?

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LurkingHusband Tue 25-Oct-16 16:53:02

Given the Irish position on Brexit (that continued membership of the EU was a bedrock of the Good Friday process), and suggestions that Mrs Thatcher made certain similar commitments (whether informally or formally but less well-known) to the Japanese in the 1980s are there any other hidden "understandings" - whether written into an obscure sub clause of a treaty or contract, or just heavily implied - that are waiting to pop up in the future ?

In a country which managed to add 3,000 laws to the statue books in 10 years, it would be amazing if there wasn't some ambiguous wording somewhere.

RedToothBrush Wed 02-Nov-16 10:49:48

I've got part of an answer to your question:
This article states:
The Government’s own website identifies 14,000 international treaties that the UK has signed. These may well significantly constrain the UK’s freedom to act and, in particular, its freedom to deregulate.

As for less formal arrangements like the Nissan one with Thatcher, god knows.

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