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Really fed up with media and low standards

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bkgirl Mon 15-Aug-16 03:45:35

Since the referendum vote it has become clear to me just how heavily media is biased to it's editors/media moguls point of view. I feel we are manipulated like sheep. I used to like channel 4 news, now it just feels like todays middle class 'right on' lecture.
I have changed my views in the past when I hear a cognative persuasive argument, but the standards of reporting have got so low. They seem dominated by fear in all respects and covering up truths. I just keep thinking the people are being lied to/misled/not informed.
I hope all the people of the world catch on we aren't so different (and I mean this applies to women as equals in various cultures too)and stop making their politicians with the vested interests in oil or the arms trade so rich. Maybe if channel 4 news and the rest of the media concentrated on who is getting rich with all these wars - we could stop them and the human misery that goes with them. There are a lot of beautiful countries getting blown to pieces with innocent civilians seen as acceptable damage. Time we all caught ourselves on - wars can be stopped.

Corcory Mon 15-Aug-16 15:49:55

Gosh! Heavy stuff bkgirl. Would love to see some specific examples.

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