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to ask has your life changed since brexit ?

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mrsfuzzy Sun 24-Jul-16 09:04:41

seems months ago since it all kicked off but only a few weeks in reality, wider society aside, has brexit changed your life a/ perhaps you've moved/in process of, changed work etc. for us nothing has changed but i'm interested in other mners [don't want to cause a punch up over the remains and leaves - that's been, gone and tired].

GladAllOver Sun 24-Jul-16 09:06:00

Brexit hasn't happened. Ask again in a couple of years.

branofthemist Sun 24-Jul-16 09:08:38

No, but then I would expect any change yet

HolesInTheFloor Sun 24-Jul-16 09:09:29

Not as yet but currently researching schools in Frankfurt and desperately trying to learn German as dh's job is moving in January. Still beyond gutted as also having to look into organising a support network for elderly fm who is refusing to come with us.

branofthemist Sun 24-Jul-16 09:09:30


Cinnamon2013 Sun 24-Jul-16 09:09:35

It hadn't happened yet. My friends have been racially abused for the first time in their lives.

justnotaballetmum Sun 24-Jul-16 09:09:40

Not at all.

RufusTheReindeer Sun 24-Jul-16 09:12:30

No change (although holiday will be more expensive...1st world problem i know grin)

But as another poster said Brexit hasn't happened yet

Rosae Sun 24-Jul-16 09:13:23

It has had an effect on our house move. We were part way through when the vote happened and mortgage valuations happens when the market dropped. Meaning that we had to negotiate a new offer with our buyer and lost 4 grand. Other than that no change, but we haven't exited yet so there won't be any changes till we know what the new deals for trading/funding etc will be.

WorldsBiggestGrotbag Sun 24-Jul-16 09:14:41

You know we haven't actually left yet? And therefore very little will have changed for anyone. Give it a few years, then we'll see the impact.

Cliffdiver Sun 24-Jul-16 09:15:01

Yes, the CEO at my work stopped free tea and coffee due to 'the uncertainties cause by Brexit' hmmgrin

WorldsBiggestGrotbag Sun 24-Jul-16 09:15:46

Although our life has changed in that DH is working around 14 hours a day of mitigate the losses his business is suffering due to other businesses pulling out of the U.K.

99percentchocolate Sun 24-Jul-16 09:15:57

I've discovered that a lot of people I didn't suspect were racist/anti immigrant, actually are. It's destroyed my relationship with a few people irreparably as DP is an immigrant.
DP's job is now on the line too. Fingers crossed it won't go but he's having to look elsewhere just in case.

gamerwidow Sun 24-Jul-16 09:18:04

It's made me more politically active because I've realised I can't just sit back and watch the uk sliding ever further to the right. It hasn't affected me materially yet but as others said it hasn't actually happened yet.

RubySparks Sun 24-Jul-16 09:18:10

Yes DH was looking into retiring (health problems) and that looks uncertain now due to pension fund/market fluctuations.

facepalming Sun 24-Jul-16 09:18:48

Yes. I've witnessed a lot more racism and xenophobia since the vote. Our house sale has been affected because of the drop in prices and pay rises at work have been put on hold.

TeamEponine Sun 24-Jul-16 09:19:37

Yes. DH receives or sees xenophobic abuse most days at work and two lots of neighbours no longer talk to us. I never thought I'd be ignored for having married a "foreigner" sad

Things are very uncertain in my workplace and likely to change a great deal once we have actually left the EU.

Helmetbymidnight Sun 24-Jul-16 09:19:37

I feel I have been woken up to racism. I knew it existed, of course I did, but I had no idea it was on this scale.
Five friends have now been racially abused since the referendum - all with direct ref to brexit.

crazycatguy Sun 24-Jul-16 09:20:41

As a white Anglophone born in the UK, but raised elsewhere, an apology for dropping my change all over the floor in a shop got a torrent of abuse from a fellow customer indicating I should leave now we've voted to leave. Not even brought up in an EU country.

Gone are the days when a foreign accent was cute, charming or even vaguely interesting.

Chikara Sun 24-Jul-16 09:21:27

On the negative side:
Selling house - all viewings stopped, "investments" such as they are fallen in value.

On the positive side a sense of hope and energy in some of the businesses I work with.

mrsfuzzy Sun 24-Jul-16 09:22:50

i am aware brexit hasn't been actioned yet, opening post worded wrong, but i was interested to ask as there were a lot of knee jerk 'worlds gonna end' responses initially and i was wondering if anyone has 'jumped ship' prior to anything actually happening. several people had commented that now the vote was to leave they were moving a.s.a.p, but like the rest of us they are in the dark. the racist angle is disgusting though, i hope the law will be tougher on that one.

RubySparks Sun 24-Jul-16 09:23:31

Also as I work for a charity future project funding (EU is one source) now looking more uncertain.

LostSight Sun 24-Jul-16 09:26:03

Currently living in Norway. My parents transferred some money to me to start a business. Had the money been transferred before the vote, it would have been worth around 30,000kr (approx. £3,000 pounds) more, so I received less money due to the vote itself.

With regard to other things, we will not know until Brexit actually occurs. The EU has many arrangements with the Norwegian government, from which we currently benefit as UK passport holders. Our driving licences are valid, for example, whereas those from outside the EU have to sit an expensive and stringent Norwegian driving test. Our residents permit is also based on our EU membership status. Our son receives his university grant / loan from the Norwegian government, based on that status. There are so many things that will be up in the air, once the UK actually leaves the EU, so our situation feels a whole lot less stable than it was before. It quite likely will all end up fine. There's just a lot of uncertainty.

And finally... We are from Scotland, and my husband, who was formerly in favour of remaining in the UK, now feels so disenfranchised with the way things are going, that he would now vote leave if there was a further referendum.

Cinnamon2013 Sun 24-Jul-16 09:26:29

I know you didn't want this to turn into a bun fight. But god it's gutting reading some of these posts. we've truly f*cked up our country.

lovelyupnorth Sun 24-Jul-16 09:27:28

We've had to make two staff redundant due to contact being pulled

Won't really know the full extent till or if we invoke article 50.

Till then in limbo.

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