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Blame it on the Brexit! What do YOU blame it for?

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GreenishMe Sat 16-Jul-16 01:07:49

Might as well join the trend.....

There's brexit bird shit on my car again! Grrr.....

MyLlamasGoneBananas Sat 16-Jul-16 01:11:39

My hairdresser put her prices up by £3 and its raining in July!!

ErrolTheDragon Sat 16-Jul-16 02:13:24

It dragged me back to MN after I'd kicked the habit for months.

BillSykesDog Sat 16-Jul-16 05:54:58


BeadyEyedPeas Sat 16-Jul-16 06:12:10

Not being able to sell my house to anyone except for a complete wankbadger who, in any other housing market, I would have sent packing weeks ago angry

HollyBollyBooBoo Sat 16-Jul-16 06:21:34

I won't get a bonus this year. Sales were down £8m in the week after Brexit and about £1m each week since. So close to end of year that's killed our profit.

It's 'only' a couple of grand for me but as a single parent it makes a big difference.

jaffajiffy Sat 16-Jul-16 06:24:36

Property sale has fallen through

BeadyEyedPeas Sat 16-Jul-16 06:32:50

Jaffajiffy - yep you and thousands of others. It's a bloody nightmare having to do anything to do with the housing market at the moment and I'm struggling to be civil to my 'LEAVE' friends as I've watched thousands of pounds of value drop off my house week by week angry

lljkk Sat 16-Jul-16 09:39:27

Most of the impacts will be long term to very long term.

exLtEveDallas Sat 16-Jul-16 09:41:08

I got less dollars for my sterling than I would have a month ago and the taxi transfer in my holiday destination has gone up by £10

ilovesooty Sat 16-Jul-16 09:42:20

My company has had to pull out of several contract bids and there have already been redundancies.

STIDW Sat 16-Jul-16 10:56:24

Several of my clients (High tech SMEs) say they can't afford to wait 2 years to find out where they stand & have already applied for grants to carry out research & relocate in the EU.

Tanith Sat 16-Jul-16 11:16:18

I mind a Polish child. Her mother was in tears when she dropped her off the week after the Referendum. I have a notice of welcome in many languages, including Polish, on my door, you see, and the family had been racially verbally abused over the weekend.

She was so thankful to feel welcomed by someone as she'd been dreading going into work. She still feels nervous and I blame the Leave campaign and, in particular, UKIP's disgraceful anti-immigrant hate-stirring angry

Itinerary Sat 16-Jul-16 15:59:21

Remind me again how you do a blank post? grin

lovelyupnorth Sat 16-Jul-16 16:01:41

Had to make too staff redundant due to contract being pulled.

Namehanger Sat 16-Jul-16 16:29:46

Trying to sell house because we have to!

Luckily I have lots of experience in receiverships, the fallout from 2008 had nearly worked through the market, 2016 could be rich pickings!

grannyinwaiting Sat 16-Jul-16 16:35:39

Losing my job. Yes I may well be a genuine casualty. Charity sector with funding cuts and a lot less to apply for now. So by March, no job - which at its worse would mean selling the house. So that is what I can honestly blame breixt for.

Kummerspeck Sat 16-Jul-16 16:55:07

The traffic was dreadful around here today and people very bad-tempered, must have been down to Brexit somehow.
Apparently a Labour MP, Chris Bryant, has blamed Brexit for the attempted coup in Turkey! He said "ludicrous Brexit lies contributed to destabilisation" grin

Sorry to those having genuine difficulties though

PausingFlatly Sat 16-Jul-16 17:02:34

Surely this list has already been written? Everything that was the EU's fault last month, is Brexit's fault this month?

With bonus points for those things that didn't exist but were the EU's fault anyway.

GreenishMe Sat 16-Jul-16 19:11:44

Surely this list has already been written? Everything that was the EU's fault last month, is Brexit's fault this month? With bonus points for those things that didn't exist but were the EU's fault anyway.


....but I stupidly thought we could have a more light-hearted thread for a change blush

bkgirl Sun 17-Jul-16 03:06:29

My sofa leg came off. It is Brexits fault!!!! (sort of ;) )
I have also put on 7lbs and I am genuinely blaming drinking tea with biscuits whilst sitting at this darn laptop stressing out about the EU ref and the way the world is developing.
I have now put pokemon go on my phone so I can accompany the kids trekking all over the city.

Tanith Sun 17-Jul-16 07:13:54

Hard to feel lighthearted when you're coping with the genuine issues caused. It feels as though you're being dismissive, even contemptuous, of those who are experiencing these issues, hence the reminders you've had posted to the thread.

genome Sun 17-Jul-16 07:22:22

I had to fill in an 85 page form and sort through five years of payslips etc so we can apply for EU DH's indefinite leave to remain in the hope that this stops our family being brutally dragged apart....(Sorry not sorry that wasn't lighthearted)

Helmetbymidnight Sun 17-Jul-16 07:31:05

Five of my friends have been racially abused with explicit reference to brexit.

WidowWadman Sun 17-Jul-16 07:34:27

And yet another goady thread.

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