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New evidence about young voter numbers...

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BrexitentialCrisis Sun 10-Jul-16 22:04:45

I know that we are meant to be moving on, putting the referendum result to one side and so on. But I thought this was interesting:

Apparently many more of them voted than was first assumed. I'm glad of this coming to light because, as a demographic group, they were getting a lot of slack about voter apathy. I wonder if this will carry on into the next general election and, if so, who they will all vote for? An energised, knowledgable young electorate has to be a good thing, no?

TomHiddlestonsDignity Sun 10-Jul-16 23:08:05

It's annoying it's taken a while for this to come out. I feel that the figure of 36% will be stuck in people's heads now.

SnowBells Mon 11-Jul-16 02:04:32

Not surprising that people in retirement age have outstanding attendance record. I mean... they have no school or job to do. Voting could well be the highlight of the day! wink

BrexitThunderbolt Mon 11-Jul-16 11:35:08

I saw that report, too, Brexistential. I'm afraid the 'low youth turnout' thing has stuck. It was trotted out on Question Time last week when a young audience members tried to make a point.
I do hope they will continue to have their voices heard by voting at all elections in future!

AllThePrettySeahorses Mon 11-Jul-16 11:55:04

I saw that. However, to counter that, private exit polls (which seem to have been more accurate lately) record 31% young voter turnout. I guess we'll just never know.

Dapplegrey2 Mon 11-Jul-16 17:53:19

Polls got the 2015 gen. election and the referendum results wrong.
Why does anyone give them credence about what age group voted which way, especially as they've now changed their mind about how young people voted.

Floisme Mon 11-Jul-16 18:49:48

Do keep up SnowBells Voting has never been easier, you know.

If the figures are correct then I'm pleased. I was as disappointed in the younger generation as I was dismayed at my own.

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