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help! someone posted a link to how MPs voted

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Wordsaremything Fri 08-Jul-16 19:58:54

And I can't find it! It was a link to a blog, and the link was in the blog. Can anyone help?

Thegirlinthefireplace Fri 08-Jul-16 20:27:31

There is


Thegirlinthefireplace Fri 08-Jul-16 20:29:54

Sorry public whip link here

I remember the blog you mean I think, it compared DC, TM and AL but can't remember where I saw it. My think the data in that blog is flawed because AL had significantly fewer votes in all categories that you can't really compare accurately.

Wordsaremything Sat 09-Jul-16 08:18:27

Thank you! It was the public whip one.

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