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Is the future bright for the unholy trinity (Gove Osborne Cameron)

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FlushingNotBlushing Thu 07-Jul-16 17:01:03

What beckons? If AL wins she won't have Gove after the attempts to vote rig. And TM is too sensible to give a role to him as he's such a such a divisive character. Cameron was quoted as saying he will stay on as an MP but how's that going to work? And Is anyone a friend if Osborne?

lalalonglegs Thu 07-Jul-16 17:13:28

Ex-PM's often do stay on for a few years after they step down (Gordon Brown, Tony Blair, John Major - even Thatcher stuck it out on the back benches for a couple of years, I think, Edward Heath famously wouldn't go away like Banquo's ghost). If we do stagger on until 2020 before the next election, then Cameron will probably step down then and get some sort of nebulous job on the board of something. Osborne could well get a high profile position if Theresa May wins. Yep, I think it is all over for Gove though unless Leadsom wins and she is in very forgiving mood.

FlushingNotBlushing Thu 07-Jul-16 17:21:22

Keeping Gove would conflict with Boris though? Wouldn't she bring him in?

lalalonglegs Thu 07-Jul-16 18:07:39

I suppose she could give them both jobs albeit not top ones - I don't care really, my fear is that she wins (and she seems an A-grade nutter), has Farage on an express track to the Lords and then gives him a high-profile and powerful position sad.

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