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Teresa May or Andrea Leadsom?

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Toofondofcake Thu 07-Jul-16 16:36:38

So without starting anything too politically fraught I wonder if people would share with me who they prefer for conservative leadership out of the two.

The race is now down to them and so we will have a female PM again!


member Thu 07-Jul-16 16:50:06

Never thought I'd say it but Theresa May; Leadsom has more twists than a lighthouse staircase!

birdsdestiny Thu 07-Jul-16 16:52:05

I feel like I have fallen down the rabbit hole, how can it be that I want Theresa May to be PM.

MangoMoon Thu 07-Jul-16 16:55:43

I haven't decided yet, but I am over the moon that there will be a female PM again.


ajandjjmum Thu 07-Jul-16 16:56:46

Theresa May.

Then we'd have had Maggie May!

(Sorry - I do realise it's a lot more serious)

ShowOfHands Thu 07-Jul-16 17:00:35

It's like a waking nightmare. Do you want to eat a live tarantula or fellate John McCririck? That's the sort of level we're at right now.

squoosh Thu 07-Jul-16 17:02:41


That Leadsom woman is clearly unqualified for the tasks that lies ahead.

WordGetsAround Thu 07-Jul-16 17:04:53

May. She's got the experience and the nouse. So pleased Gove is out of the running.

squoosh Thu 07-Jul-16 17:06:27

'I feel like I have fallen down the rabbit hole, how can it be that I want Theresa May to be PM.'

I know exactly how you feel. What a depressing place the UK has become.

UnderTheGreenwoodTree Thu 07-Jul-16 17:06:51

Theresa May - hard working and dedicated. Lots of experience.

Cannot stand AL. She's a smooth-talking chancer.

blueskyinmarch Thu 07-Jul-16 17:10:32

Is it just me or do they look very alike? Look at this from the BBC news site.

LurkingHusband Thu 07-Jul-16 17:10:36

It really is a spectacular example of making one of the most unwanted candidates a front runner by introducing even worse examplars ....

However, personal feelings aside, we really do live "in interesting times" ...

- so the Tories are to deliver the UKs second woman PM in 40 years !!!!!
- we could see a Merkel/Clinton/May working party
- With Nicola Sturgeon in Scotland, the UK seems perfectly capable of delivering women leaders.

nulgirl Thu 07-Jul-16 17:11:25

Out of the two - Teresa May hands down. Leadsom seems to represent everything I loathe about the Tory party. I'm excited that by the end of the year, we could have a female UK PM, US president and German chancellor.

StrictlyMumDancing Thu 07-Jul-16 17:11:31

I never ever thought I would say this, but May for PM.

I feel like someone has given me a choice between stabbing myself in the right or left eye though.

nulgirl Thu 07-Jul-16 17:14:57

And I must say from a political perspective Teresa May had played an absolute blinder in the last month. She has quietly sneaked past all the supposed big guns in her party - Johnson, Osborne, Gove even though she was on the Remain side. Surely the Tory party won't pull a Corbyn and elect an extreme candidate that the majority of the PCP don't want. Interesting times.

ManonLescaut Thu 07-Jul-16 17:15:17

I feel like someone has given me a choice between stabbing myself in the right or left eye though.

Oh yeah.

TheElementsSong Thu 07-Jul-16 17:16:44

Oh dear god, it's the devil and the deep blue sea.

HelpfulChap Thu 07-Jul-16 17:18:01

May was 'soft' remain while Leadsom was an ardent Leaver.

I think May will get it.

As the poster above said, May, Sturgeon, Merkel, Clinton. Along with IMF head Christine Largarde and US Fed Chair Janet Yellen.

The women are taking over wink

UnderTheGreenwoodTree Thu 07-Jul-16 17:18:46

Forget the leadership, I'd like the job of returning officer. I like announcing stuff, especially when the announcement is that Gove is out of the race.

Millyonthefloss2 Thu 07-Jul-16 17:19:57

Both women and both went to state schools. Nothing against independent schools, but I can't help being pleased about that just because we've had such a glut of public school boys in politics and the media in recent years.

I would prefer Leadsom.
I'm not a big fan of Theresa May's ultra cautious style. (example - she won't say yet that all EU nationals here already can stay.) I think that is both morally wrong and bad for families and businesses.

InternationalHouseofToast Thu 07-Jul-16 17:20:35

It's kind of a moot point and very few of us will get to vote in the leadership election. Neither of them are an appetising prospect - the female version of Michael Howard vs. a candidate whose focus on her massive experience before she became an MP is looking shaky.

They're clearly one for Remain and one for Leave, so I guess we can guess the answer. Tory members I suspect will vote for the anti-gay marriage, pro-traditional Christian, Leave supporting candidate. sad

And we'll see even more demand for Irish passport forms. grin

Bookaboo Thu 07-Jul-16 17:20:58

Do you want to eat a live tarantula or fellate John McCririck?
A bit like the referendum, it's deciding what is the least worst option. In this case I think it's Theresa May. From what I've seen of Leadsom I imagine she would be flying by the seat of her pants.

LurkingHusband Thu 07-Jul-16 17:21:12

At least we know very quickly which way the wind is blowing ...

1) Minimal reshuffle (Gove has to go though) - strong "business as usual" message. Keep calm etc.

2) Massive reshuffle - strong "it's all about me message". Emigrate !

Even though I personally can't stand the woman (May - still irked by the cat lie) I'm happy to give here a chance, and a goodwill period (as I did with Gordon Brown - I think it's something we Brits do). I'd rather the country was run well by someone I despise, than fucked up by my best mate.

I'm still slightly reeling from the fact it will be a Tory woman PM again. WTF were Labour doing with all their shortlists and equality drives ?

squoosh Thu 07-Jul-16 17:21:46

Well Milly I'm an EU national in the UK and I'd still prefer May over AL.

crossroads3 Thu 07-Jul-16 17:22:26

May - not that I want her or the right wing mandateless government she will represent, but I cannot stand "we must invoke article 50 straight away" Leadsom.

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