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Just watched the Panorama programme on why people voted leave

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ssd Mon 04-Jul-16 23:39:46

and am livid

so many people who had zero fucking clue what will now happen to this country, so many wanting to have England back to how it was years ago, well guess what it wont fucking happen, time doesnt go backwards and the immigration wont get any better, it wont stop and it wont go away, all thats happened is this country will now be less competitive and the economy will tank, and when the economy tanks they have to get the money from somewhere and it'll come from the poor as the services they rely on will be cut, massively

and this was meant to be a protest vote!!

why dont so many leave voters actually realise what the are protesting about, lack of schools, housing, the nhs queues, has happened because the tory government have followed an austerity agenda we didnt even need and thats why there is a chronic shortage of housing/school places, as none of these services are being built and if you think voting leave and having a more right wing tory government in place will help these services out by christ you've got another thing coming

its fucking maddening

DorothyL Mon 04-Jul-16 23:42:08

I decided not to watch it because I was worried I'd smash the tv

situatedknowledge Mon 04-Jul-16 23:42:34

Indeed. angry

ssd Mon 04-Jul-16 23:43:01

and before anyone accuses me of being out of touch and middle class I earn min wage and rely on all the council services I can get

MajesticWhine Mon 04-Jul-16 23:45:43

Oh god. I was going to watch it on catch up but maybe i shouldn't. it's not going to improve my mood.

ssd Mon 04-Jul-16 23:47:22

seriously there was a guy with 6 kids who was complaining he couldnt feed his family as the immigrants came here and took his job, and he couldnt live on the money the gov gave him and he had a fucking horse in his back garden!!!

another one, an older woman was complaining that the road near her used to have lots of shops in it, well thats because Tesco extra will have moved in up the road and all the people go there now and they get cheap labour from the government unemployment queues, not Poland!!!

I hope to Christ this programme was one sided because if thats how middle England feel the sooner Scotland gets independence the better

SwedishEdith Mon 04-Jul-16 23:51:44

Avoided as well for the sake of blood pressure. That and Newsight about the Tory and UKIP leadership contests. There is, officially, no good news.

smallfox1980 Mon 04-Jul-16 23:54:39

I'll get comfy and await the accusations of BBC bias, you know cause it has 0.04% of its funding from the EU across the last 9 years.

It didn't spend that on what it was supposed to and aid the development of radio broadcasting in the developing world, oh no, what it did was take that bit of funding and pay all the news journalists and broadcasters to have a pro EU opinion.

ZenNudist Mon 04-Jul-16 23:54:39

As a society we forgot to educate huge swathes of the population and now the Tory elite reap the rewards from their own policies and the rest of us pay the price

smallfox1980 Mon 04-Jul-16 23:58:05

We didn't forget to educate anyone really Zen, people just look for the facts that confirm bias already, rather than challenge the way they think.

inthisdayandage Mon 04-Jul-16 23:58:49

So how will things get better for these people or others like them. With the voting system as it is they would be looking at many years of Tory rule and no means of escaping relative poverty due to cuts in education and huge income inequality. I get the anger but surely it should be aimed at the right wing politicians who brought austerity and the total failure of any opposition party to truly represent these people. I actually think that this vote was needed to wake people up to what life is actually like for some in our country and if as a result there are policies to help everyone and not just the City of London then this referendum might just have a point.

Kummerspeck Tue 05-Jul-16 00:01:25

I thought it was rather like one of those benefits programmes that was set up to make you think what they wanted you to think.
They could have found a far better range of people to interview on both sides as Leave people were all focused on lack of school places and doctor's appointments, apart from the man interviewed in a church cafe wanting community back (stereotypes - much?), while remain were all nicely dressed, meeting in a nice pub and complaining about missing out on opportunities which they couldn't name when asked.
I thought it was really poor journalism all round.

GetAFuckingGrip Tue 05-Jul-16 00:07:43

It's another think coming. Not thing. There was a thread about that very saying not long ago.

I feel sorry for the horse.

LauderSyme Tue 05-Jul-16 00:24:38

I didn't watch Panorama but totally agree with your sentiment.
People are so ill informed, they persistently vote against their own best interests.
And we all have to live in this shitty world their ignorance has created. And I'm sure Britain is going to get a lot shittier now.
Am not sure I entirely blame the people though. The mainstream media has much to answer for.

Holowiwi Tue 05-Jul-16 00:25:00

I wish these people luck they will suffer the most. I just hope that those that didn't choose this avoid most of the pain to come.

AntiqueSinger Tue 05-Jul-16 01:04:45

Blood pressure risen and I haven't even watched it. I don't think I will.

But agree with sentiment regarding the media's culpability. Quite honestly I do not see how true democracy can prevail under the current onslaught of misleading and biased journalism. I actually think it has frustrated democracy here in a disturbing way. The Murdoch press deserves stronger scrutiny and regulation IMO. I find the fact that brexit is being used to relentlessly undermine Corbyn, who represents the kind of politics that those who voted out actually need at moment, quite distateful. The whole debacle and the ease with which politicians lied outrageously throughout the campaign, has left me with a nasty taste in my mouth and a very low opinion of the moral calibre of our 'representatives'.

ssd Tue 05-Jul-16 08:43:45

I agree antiquesinger

I also think this vote should never have been out out to the people, as generally people are too thick to decide on such a massive matter. And I totally count myself in on that. Most people are too caught up on day to day living within their own small world to really know the bigger picture with the EU and all it stands for. Thats why we elect politicians, to make well informed choices on matters we trust they know more than us about.( Though as antique says, so many of them have turned out to be boorish liars that I wouldnt trust my per hamster with.) . Its like a doctor putting out a vote on what way the nhs should do brain surgery, we can read up on the facts but really thats his job as we wont have a clue.

I dont know the answer, last night I was mad at this programme but I know its these types of people who will suffer, people without money behind them and very few choices. People like myself.

And I dont know what to do about it, I feel totally helpless. I've signed petitions but do they mean anything? Dh says this wont go through, he says Article 50 wont be invoked and the government are delaying it all for a reason.

I hope he's right, I really do.

AgentProvocateur Tue 05-Jul-16 08:50:29

I agree with everything that's already been said. I also think that a new right wing PM and possibly a new chancellor, will likely lead to further benefit cuts, leading to more poverty in a lot of the areas that voted to leave.

ssd Tue 05-Jul-16 09:03:52

yes benefit cuts will happen

I watched a programme during the week about landlords evicting people who get their rent paid by housing benefit. These people are now being evicted due to the benefit limits getting lowered and landlords not getting as much rent as before. So they get the tenants chucked out. And they often have nowhere to go. This and similar will only get worse now.

Hamishandthefoxes Tue 05-Jul-16 09:07:10

I didn't see the programme but I know people working in the city and earning mega bucks who are already rubbing their hands with glee about the tax cuts and deregulation coming. That's not going to help the poor bastards who voted leave because their school is shit.

ssd Tue 05-Jul-16 09:18:44

yup, so many said it was a protest vote, but really it just playing right into their hands, the rich elite so many of the leave voters hate

smallfox1980 Tue 05-Jul-16 09:40:40

I've said that on here, and been shouted down for being sneering. sad

ssd Tue 05-Jul-16 09:47:49

nothing sneery about

EssentialHummus Tue 05-Jul-16 10:00:27

I watched the tail-end of this programme. There probably are articulate, well-reasoned Brexiters somewhere, but this lot just confirmed my fears. (I'm an EU national living in London, so you can guess my opinion about their loss of community, Johnny's aunt's hairdresser's daughter not getting a school place etc.)

callherwillow Tue 05-Jul-16 10:02:43

'There are probably articulate, well reasoned brexiters somewhere'

Of course there are.

I wonder why they didn't try to find them.


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