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Referendum debate on Nethuns

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rosierrosierrosier Mon 04-Jul-16 14:49:56

How do you think the referendum fallout is playing out for our sisters on net mums ?

I daringly browsed a couple of their referendum threads today and found a lot of contribution were not half bad but I also found gems such as:

"why on earth would there need to be? it has been done. the people of uk have voted if England win the football should Germany say that's wrong we need to play again?"


TwoLittleBlooms Mon 04-Jul-16 15:06:50

To be fair I have heard the football anecdote used over here as well!

Grumpyoldblonde Mon 04-Jul-16 15:13:15

I have been reading threads on lots of forums before and since the referendum, they say the same as here, complaining of lack of hard facts, lies, bitter arguments between leave and remain.
There have been some pretty good contributions on Netmums as well as ridiculous ones, same as here.

rosierrosierrosier Tue 05-Jul-16 08:02:25

Yes I agree two and grumpy. I thought there would be much more 'have faith hun' on net mums, which there wasn't! smile

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