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What is Arron Banks' interest in Brexit?

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Mistigri Mon 04-Jul-16 07:45:37

UKIP funder, and the money behind for those who've been asleep for the last six months. Plainly still the funder of much of the post-referendum astroturfing and spinning - just put "Leadsom" as a search term in Twitter to see what I mean. Someone's paying for this.

What's his long game? He's not going to gain financially out of this, so he's in it for some ideological or political reason. Does he dream of splitting the tory party and taking a Tory-right/ Ukip coalition into power?

morningrunner Mon 04-Jul-16 08:08:55

He is planning a right wing coup. I only wish the fluffy heads who aupport AL could see that

Spinflight Mon 04-Jul-16 08:18:44

Made his money in insurance... As it happens our insurance companies have to comply with some particularly odious EU legislation as of January.

I'm lead to believe he is actually quite left wing though Ukip was the only game in town.

His wife was the target of some speculation.....


claig Mon 04-Jul-16 08:28:27

He used to be a Tory donor and when he donated to UKIP, William Hague said that he had never heard of him. That angered Banks and he increased the amount he donated.

He has been on Channel 4 News, interviewed by Michael Crick, and seems to be anti-establishment in the sense of thinking some of them are plonkers and is a common sense type guy.

Anyone who funds any party gains some sort of influence over national life.

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