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Will the real Theresa May please come out?

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SnowBells Sun 03-Jul-16 09:48:14

People think she's the more moderate candidate, but she's not.

Don't be fooled by Theresa May - she's no progressive conservative

citroenpresse Sun 03-Jul-16 12:45:01

Wavering. I would hope that when she says "there should be no decision to invoke Article 50 until the British negotiating strategy is agreed and clear" that there will be ways for Parliament and the British public (though a general election) to vote on what is 'agreed and clear'. There's a mandate to BREXIT but not how we do it. The idea of Theresa May being PM would have been repellent last week but not so sure now. I think she's the least worst (which is obviously not saying much).

LittlePickleHead Sun 03-Jul-16 12:50:58

I think it's going to come to a choice between her and Leadsom (who has said she will trigger A50 straight away).

This is foolhardy imo especially going in with a hardline attitude against immigration.

iisme Sun 03-Jul-16 12:58:26

Yes, I agree, she's horrific. I'm actually beginning to rethink my anyone-but-boris stance when you see who else there is (though obviously that ship has sailed ...). I'm now looking back on the Cameron days with nostalgia - never thought that would happen.

citroenpresse Sun 03-Jul-16 13:03:18

A spineless PM (Cameron) is no good to anyone. Couldn't get a majority the first time round and without the LibDems, has barely managed a year in office without causing utter chaos and destruction.

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