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Gove or Theresa May?

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TinnTinn Fri 01-Jul-16 12:48:27

Which one would you like to win and why?

Calamara Fri 01-Jul-16 12:55:37

Theresa May no question.

Gove should know that his unpopularity from his time in Education makes him unable to win a general election. But more importantly, I don't want a friend of Murdoch's with a wife who writes for the Daily Mail in Number 10. That would not be a good recipe for democracy.

Winterbiscuit Fri 01-Jul-16 14:18:31

Gove would be OK, but I lean more towards Theresa May. She'd be a strong leader and negotiator, is straightforward, has the required experience and gravitas, and is a one-nation Tory so will be looking to represent everyone, not just the wealthy.

I'm relieved Osborne, Hunt, Morgan aren't in the running. Probably best Boris has dropped out too. There's now a very good shortlist IMO.

RiverTam Fri 01-Jul-16 14:22:56

Neither. They are equally appalling. Andrea Leatsom (sp?).

GreenishMe Fri 01-Jul-16 14:25:56

Both Tories so a choice between two evils for me....although I accept that it's necessary at this time.

Theresa May gave the most commanding speech IMO but I trust her less than Gove when it comes to invoking Article 50.

I take it nobody thinks Andrea Leadsom would be a viable alternative to either of these two?

GreenishMe Fri 01-Jul-16 14:26:55

Sorry River x-posted

HumphreyCobblers Fri 01-Jul-16 14:27:52

Theresa May for me.

But I do like Gove, unlike every single other person on the planet - which pretty much rules him out for actually winning anything. Having said that, I realise that it has all been so mad that maybe he could win. I think he is very clever and would be good to negotiate a leave deal. But people just really don't get him do they? Like John Redwood, who is similarly clever but does not come across at all well.

ErrolTheDragon Fri 01-Jul-16 18:50:55

May. She is competent and pragmatic. Gove has said, many times, that he didn't want to be PM and wasn't up to the job. His declaration of 'full fat brexit' strikes me as a very bad starting position for negotiations on trade. He's standing because he thinks he'll do better than Boris but that's setting the bar very low.

I don't know anything about Andrea Leadsom - surely she (and Crabbe) are too inexperienced and unknown quantities. Liam Fox is obviously a no-no for anyone who can remember how he disgraced himself.

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