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Listening to R4 this morning - I think Boris is going to be passionate.

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sorenofthejnaii Thu 30-Jun-16 09:18:55

That's the only word his team were saying. He is passionate. You know when you have an interview - he's going to be passionate and is going to deliver.

Not sure what he's going to deliver but he'll sure as hell be passionate.

Because his team mentioned that about a million times.

Figmentofmyimagination Thu 30-Jun-16 09:23:10

Passion isn't necessarily a great trait in a leader - especially a charismatic demagogue like boris Johnson - as we are all learning - and will continue to learn - to our cost.

GiddyOnZackHunt Thu 30-Jun-16 09:29:23

The thought of Boris being 'passionate' has made me feel queasy.

Didactylos Thu 30-Jun-16 09:29:25

I have to say my response to this is a bit lukewarm

What GiddyOn said envy

Breadandruses Thu 30-Jun-16 09:36:01

He's proven himself to be passionate about lying

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