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The mandate of the people - what do you think?

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oblada Thu 30-Jun-16 08:30:12

Respect the people's will! Carry out the mandate! Leave the EU!

OK, in principle it makes sense: a majority has voted (albeit a small majority and indeed it is very arguable that for something as important as this a minimum threshold should have been put in place, just as suggested by this petition which went viral and was widely criticised when in fact it was created BEFORE the result and I believe by a Leave voter - and of course forgetting the unfair limits placed on who can or cannot vote which really does make one question the legitimacy of the whole affair...) in one direction so this is the direction we should take. Of course it may be worth remembering that our democracy is not about referenda and 'direct' democracy but electing representatives and parliamentary sovereignty... But that 'minor' detail aside...

Should we follow what 51% of the population has voted? Yes it would seem, in theory... But then what have they voted for then? And that really is the big problem.

Some have voted as a vote of protest (a little foolish but understandable),
Some just because they did not want Remain to have too strong a win and just wanted to make people react (a lot more foolish but hey),
Some because they want rid of the current immigrants (not gonna happen),
Some because they want rid of future EU migrants (but if we stay in the single market we'll have to "put up" with that... Like Switzerland and Norway do),
Some because they want the EU to implode and be "re-done" (shows you're British and not French or German - not gonna happen - Even Boris suggested this may be what he wanted...!),
Some because they want rid of the ECHR (the one in Brussel you see....yeah right of course... The issue with that - apart from the wrong location - is that it may not happen at all anyway, it is not directly correlated to leaving the EU and it may not be a wise political move),
Some because they don't want foreigners to have access to the fantastic NHS (mmm),
Some because they believe it will be better in the long run but they are not sure how/why,
Some because of the EU rules but again back to my earlier point if we want the single market that's the price we pay...
Some because they don't like unelected leaders and what they see as undemocratic institutions (but look at the way we elect the PM here and look at the House of Lords!?)
Some because they don't want the farming/fishing rules (but would like to keep the subsidies)

Some want the single market and some don't. Some want freedom of movement some don't. Some want Boris and Farage.... Most don't!

So what mandate are we following? There is no way to 'please' the whole 51% it would seem. And what about Scotland and what they want? Are we prepare to break up the UK? What about London and what they want? Of course you can never please everyone but those two are big voices in my view.

So isn't the real mandate the one given to the parties by the 49% who have actually voted for the same thing? I am happy to respect what the 'majority' wants - but what do they want?

What a crazy failed political stunt.. And at what cost!! If we don't leave think of the money wasted, the upset, the trauma.. And if we do...well more of that!

What do you think? Is there a mandate?

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