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Referendum results by ward?

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BusStopBetty Wed 29-Jun-16 22:25:16

Is there any way to find out this info online?

dragonsarebest Wed 29-Jun-16 22:46:26

I have been looking too, I don't think it's available by ward just by area.

tiggytape Wed 29-Jun-16 23:03:59

The areas set out in the result were for counting purposes only really.
Each individual vote all over the UK counted towards the national tally just as much as any other vote

This is unlike in a General Election where the area you live in actually affects the result because the winner from your area becomes the MP and if you didn't vote for that person, your vote doesn't then count towards anything else (they report each party's share of the total vote but that's just out of interest really because share of the vote doesn't mean winning - it is all down to number of seats).

The referendum coverage obviously concentrated on trends in how each part of the country and and on how key towns voted but that was also just out of interest really. The result wasn't based on how many areas voted in or out but how many individual people.

BusStopBetty Wed 29-Jun-16 23:12:28

Oh I know they were just for counting purposes. It just would be interesting to see how the votes were spread over a particular town/city.

tiggytape Wed 29-Jun-16 23:17:40

It would be interesting.
Maybe someone clever can extrapolate something using a few key areas
I don't think the numbers were broken down any further into constituencies. I may be wrong on that but I'm pretty sure they said on the night that the areas used weren't comparable to election ones.

markingthebench Thu 30-Jun-16 01:55:14

I would be interested to know as well. My city as a whole voted out, by a narrow margin. I live in an area with a huge amount of immigrants, and it is a pretty cohesive little community, on the whole. I would love to find out what our voting pattern was.

PattyPenguin Thu 30-Jun-16 07:12:19

The Birmingham Mail has the figures by ward for that city. I can't see any mention in the story of how the paper got the figures. Did they ask the council (which was responsible for the counting)?

iPost Thu 30-Jun-16 07:22:35

I saw, and promptly failed to bookmark, a site that showed what the result would look like if it were FPTP rather than straight up counting of votes.

Is that what you mean ? Because if so I will redouble efforts to find it again.

BusStopBetty Thu 30-Jun-16 07:32:44

That sounds interesting, and worth a look if you find it, but no, it's straight up votes by ward I'm interested in.

BusStopBetty Thu 30-Jun-16 07:33:44

Unless it also has that breakdown?

dragonsarebest Thu 30-Jun-16 07:49:15

I don't know how the local votes were totalled - my mum was at the count here so I'll ask her. if they were counted by ward, then the Birmingham Mail maybe recorded the ward votes on the night? I'm pretty confident that votes by ward aren't publicly available in my area.

Yes I know all votes were equal but like OP I'd be interested to know how the different areas local to me voted.

dragonsarebest Thu 30-Jun-16 08:02:54

Mum says that here, the total number of votes cast were counted by ward for verification, but the actual count was a town total. It may have been done differently in much bigger areas for accuracy, but not here sadly (or happily perhaps).

iPost Thu 30-Jun-16 08:10:20

I'll keep poking, but I have a feeling that I am remembering this as a site, when in fact it was a tweet.

Sorry. Not much help.

BusStopBetty Thu 30-Jun-16 08:21:33

I've found a couple of areas which have published results by ward in the local press. I'd be surprised if they weren't recorded during the count, even if they weren't published.

dragonsarebest Thu 30-Jun-16 08:35:40

Were they bigger areas, Betty? The ones that have posted ward breakdowns?

The way to get results by ward is to go to the count, watch them open each ballot box, and with a pen and paper take a quick tally of a sample of votes as you watch the counters - it's as high tech as that. Local campaigners may have done that, but they won't be publishing the results or anything.

Birmingham might have a different counting system, it's the biggest council in the country, I think

Just seen on FB that other councils are publishing the breakdown by ward so perhaps they're coming out after all, just slowly.

SwedishEdith Tue 05-Jul-16 20:46:23

Did anyone find a definitive list? I know how all wards in my constituency voted but am curious about neighboring areas.

PattyPenguin Tue 05-Jul-16 21:26:05

I can find ward by ward results for

Some have been published by the local authority, some by newspapers and some by political parties or activists.

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