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Help me - Do the Tories ACTUALLY have a mandate to leave the EU?

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Showmethewaytogohome Wed 29-Jun-16 07:48:41

So I know renegotiation with the EU was in their manifesto as is holing a referendum but after a quick scanof salient points I haven't been able to find a pledge on actually LEAVING the EU?

MN's if I am wrong please put me right. If I am right what shall we do? No mandate means surely they have to have GE as it would be undemocratic to leave without going back to the electorate

PS I was banging on about a lack of plan before the referendum and told I was wrong etc (I wasn't). Maybe a long shot but.......

wowfudge Wed 29-Jun-16 08:00:19

Good thinking, but the advice from the electorate which Dave has decided has to be respected (despite the narrow margin - yes I am bitter and angry) is to leave.

Btw there is no plan for Brexit because no one expected it. No civil servants had worked on it prior to the referendum, so it did make me chuckle when Yvette Cooper said Labour had to see the plans earlier this week.

By resigning and saying his successor should handle negotiations Dave is buying the civil service and ministers time to plan and devise a strategy.

Brexit is going to cost the UK ten years' worth of EU contributions.

Showmethewaytogohome Wed 29-Jun-16 08:03:26

wow But if there is no Mandate and Dave isn't PM then how can the next leader have a mandate

Surely such a momentous action requires one? And if they need one the we need a GE

Showmethewaytogohome Wed 29-Jun-16 08:05:13

Especially as technically the referendum hold no technical authority - it is advisory

wowfudge Wed 29-Jun-16 08:13:31

Don't you think that if anyone with any clout in Westminster thought that they would have piped up by now? It's entirely possible Dave's successor will decide differently, but given how close the vote was, there could well be civil unrest and all sorts of issues. This is the first time in ages we've had such a significant turnout and every single vote counted.

Had the vote gone the other way by such a margin, Farage would be calling for a re-run in the future.

I am hoping the lunacy of leaving will become enough of a reality to prompt a re-think, but maybe I am just still in denial.

A GE could well be a possibility and could potentially reverse the decision. Not sure what would have to happen to force that.

Showmethewaytogohome Wed 29-Jun-16 08:22:01

wow with the mess they are in at the moment no I do not trust that anyone would openly discuss it until they were ready for a GE

It would be good to know tho - ignoring promises after the fact - what did they promise before it

ErrolTheDragon Wed 29-Jun-16 12:15:25

It's weird - I thought we lived in a parliamentary democracy. The only party with a manifesto commitment to leave the EU was UKIP, who have one MP.

But how would a GE pan out? It seems to me that the tories would have to concede that their euroseptic (.... I think I prefer that mis-spelling...) wing have won and prepare a manifesto promising to leave but with details of their plan. Labour is in a horrible unelectable mess at the moment - many of their traditional voters would back UKIP. The LibDems are still, regrettably, wiped out after sacrificing themselves for the necessary coalition - so there is no strong centre party to vote for.

The only thing that maybe could happen is another referendum which spelled out clear options.

wowfudge Thu 30-Jun-16 10:24:14

I wonder whether we need a national unity coalition to sort this whole mess out.

Breadandruses Thu 30-Jun-16 11:31:26

Thank flip for the rule of law - here's hoping international and constitutional law will save us from the hideous mess idiot politicians have gotten us into

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