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Should Nigel Farage be involved with Brexit negotiations?

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BritBrit Wed 29-Jun-16 07:06:51

Should Nigel Farage be involved in Brexit negotiations, 45,000 have signed a petition demanding he is involved. Has he earned the right? with UKIP being the biggest party in the EU Parliament should they be included? who will fight as hard for British interests than Nigel?

PeaceOfWildThings Wed 29-Jun-16 07:09:56

Only if we first have a second referendum without the lies.
Where can I sign a vote of no confidence in him as an MEP?

Oibeer Wed 29-Jun-16 07:11:34

Should he hell ]biscuit]

Oibeer Wed 29-Jun-16 07:12:26

let's try this again

should he hell biscuit


Elizabethreallyismissing Wed 29-Jun-16 07:12:57

Hell no!

MoggyP Wed 29-Jun-16 07:24:27

"Only if we first have a second referendum without the lies."

With unicorn-delivery of polling cards perhaps.

"Where can I sign a vote of no confidence in him as an MEP?"

You can't. Or at least you can't to any effect. You cannot get rid of any of your regional MEPs, and the perceived remoteness of MEPs is of course one of the issues.

Though of course if you could just get rid of elected representatives because not all voters support them, then a lot of institutions would change and the whole system would be untenable.

Jaynebxl Wed 29-Jun-16 07:27:30

Not if we want anything to go in our favour. Of course if we want to totally piss off the eu and make sure they send us packing with a flea in our collective ear then sure, wheel him in.

MillicentMargaretAmanda Wed 29-Jun-16 07:55:22

No. I want something resembling a politician involved in these negotiations. Not someone whose performance yesterday resembled, at best, a particularly obnoxious five year old crowing to the rest of the party that they'd won pass the parcel.

wowfudge Wed 29-Jun-16 08:04:03

Lord no. That would be an unmitigated disaster.

originalmavis Wed 29-Jun-16 08:06:27

Is Roy 'chubby' Brown not available?

Margrethe Wed 29-Jun-16 08:07:16

My first reaction? Hell no!

Then after thinking about it, he is very wearing and irritating. These negotiations will be an endurance test. Used judiciously, and kept on a short leash, he could be very useful.

MysteriesOfTheOrganism Wed 29-Jun-16 08:12:12

Nope. UKIP have one MP - and it's not Farage anyway.

NapoleonsNose Wed 29-Jun-16 08:17:10

Absolutely no way! The guy is a liability. He insulted the EU yesterday, can you imagine him in serious talks with the powers that be? It would be an unmitigated disaster.

originalmavis Wed 29-Jun-16 08:25:16

And with he recycled old Bob Monkouse joke, dear God, somebody please just make him go away.

OurBlanche Wed 29-Jun-16 08:32:50

Nope. UKIP have one MP - and it's not Farage anyway. You are right, he is a MEP and may (or may not) be able to keep Juncker in hand

There must be a way of using this energy to our benefit. We can't get rid of him as an MEP, so we will hav to make the most of him/ / stand on his head... and that's another either : or choice smile

originalmavis Wed 29-Jun-16 08:37:37

Hot air you mean?

AntiqueSinger Wed 29-Jun-16 08:37:42

No. He is a self-serving, egotistical, venomous, predjudiced wind bag, and having him further represent Britain only gives him and the cretins who follow him further legitimisation. I don't want to see or hear about him ever again. His toxic politicking has got the country this divisive mess, and the sooner he goes away, the better.

He does not represent me.

What's next a Knighthood?!

SomethingOnce Wed 29-Jun-16 08:42:44

Erm, no.

Mar0206 Wed 29-Jun-16 08:45:42

A. Because he will make things 20x worse with the other member States
B. I have a feeling, like with the "350million to the EU" busses, Boris will just keep quiet so that everyone presumes its all Farages fault. Cause he'll do anything to get what he wants .

powershowerforanhour Wed 29-Jun-16 09:22:22

I'm not entirely sure that a quick skim read of "How to win friends and influence people" will turn Nige into a skilled negotiator.

BestIsWest Wed 29-Jun-16 09:29:10


TheFairyCaravan Wed 29-Jun-16 09:29:55

No. Never. Not in a million years.

Did you see him yesterday? I bet that helped our position immensely. The man is a bloody liability.

Lucked Wed 29-Jun-16 09:30:48

No but unfortunately he will shout about how he would never have agreed to free movement of people, how he wouldn't have agreed to pay so much to be part of the EEA etc and therefore attract more people to ukip.

I do wonder what would happen if he was involved, I can't see him conceding, he would cut off our nose to spite our face and the two years would be up without the negotiations complete and we would be ejected out of the EU and the common market.

mupperoon Wed 29-Jun-16 09:34:06

No, because he's an odious tosspot, but part of me would like to see him entirely responsible for the entire sorry leaving process, so that at least history will give him a kicking.

mupperoon Wed 29-Jun-16 09:35:19

Sorry - unelected odious tosspot.

The sheer cheek of him ranting about democracy. Makes my blood boil.

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