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Who's going to break up first - The UK or The EU ?

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Cjamm Tue 28-Jun-16 17:57:48

It's pretty clear that the EU will make leaving with our pride & our economy intact as hard as possible for us, Nigel Farage gloating like a dick today didn't help any.

We've got the Scots possibly now leaving the UK and N.Ireland although less likely to leave, has some options. The Republic is literally next door but it's economy doesn't make it a feasible option now but who knows down the line what's possible.

I think Scottish independence has been guaranteed, perhaps not immediately but it's coming, biggest reason they stayed was the EU now that's gone, if they can sort out a decent enough exit plan then they'll be off

But the EU are also in a very dangerous place, the right wing is rising throughout Europe, anti-EU sentiments are at an all time high. The Greeks seem ready to bolt, they just can't afford to. The citizens of France seem to be pushing to leave but their political leaders except Le Pen of course would rather walk through broken glass than even consider leaving.

The EU can't allow us to walk away unscathed, our success would mean their downfall and we can't allow ourselves to get screwed, we have to try & get everything we can, we have to not only survive which means trying to keep Scotland/N.Ireland but thrive, so the economy not crashing, not losing all our rights, the NHS not being privatised etc (which all seems impossible to me)

Regardless of how amicable everyone might want to keep it, it's in their best interest not to.

I personally think unless France & Germany leave, the EU can make it through this rough patch & survive, whereas the clock has most certainly started ticking on the UK

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