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My Meeting with a Foreign Brexit Supporter

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HatHardOn Tue 28-Jun-16 17:35:01

I've just returned from Spain where I encountered many questions from inquisitive travellers and locals about Brexit. There was a good mix of views on it all from the diverse range of people I met. So, I felt comfortable chatting about it when a Russian guy asked how I felt about it all on a very busy airport bus filled with tourists and locals. What I was not prepared for, however, was his views on it all.

He basically said that it was a great move from Britain and the first step for the country in becoming a heavy-weight power like Russia. He said his colleagues, friends, family, etc all saw it as a positive move as the UK is seen as a bit of a joke by the rest of the world and this should help improve the reputation.

Then he told me the problem with being in the EU (very loudly might I add) was that it is filled with 'gays and immigrants'. The gay people don't have children so the immigrants do and before you know it, those children are adults having more immigrant children and the natives are outnumbered.

I was stunned and politely tried to explain that this was absolutely not my opinion and explained how offensive he was being. A young Mexican couple interrupted me and asked, 'but how is that not your opinion if that's what your country thinks and that's what your country voted for?' Again, I was stunned and no matter how much I tried to explain, it didn't seem to change their views on the situation.

It's all left me feeling saddened and embarrassed. Now, just because I am British some people may assume I'm a racist/homophobe/xenaphobe.

NewLife4Me Tue 28-Jun-16 17:42:30

I wouldn't let it bother me tbh, far more important things to think about.
politicians have brought this about, not the people.
I'm sure those people you met will be reading about it all soon.

They must be a bit dim if they don't understand about democracy and people having differing opinions.

wowfudge Tue 28-Jun-16 18:20:17

Putin wants the EU to break up.

bookbuddy Tue 28-Jun-16 19:00:21

sad how awful the trouble is the majority coupled up with the likes of ukip, Britain first etc it does create a bad impression like it or not. What can you do ukip win more seats at each election it is a sign of how some people are thinking/ feeling towards minority groups. In my opinion England is falling backwards because people are having a tough time. Unfortunately the migrants get blamed for what the government is not doing, all the anger right now should be directed towards our government. It's a very sorry state of affairs the sooner the British public realise this the better and maybe this situation will make people look long and hard at the government and what they are not doing for us! sad

HatHardOn Tue 28-Jun-16 22:09:20

It is a sorry state of affairs. After that incident I was probably a little more wary than usual of what people were thinking about me/fellow Brits. For the first time in my life I feel the need to justify myself and my country as accepting of all people no matter what their origin/race.

lljkk Wed 29-Jun-16 01:18:59

Russia is not a country I aspire to live in.

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