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Never Assume it makes an Ass out of U and Me - School Mantra

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Stanleysmum01 Tue 28-Jun-16 17:26:54

Hello Everyone,

Now I'm sure everyone has had someone say this to them at some point in life, it seems to have bypassed an awful lot of politicians though.

I know the gravity of Brexit, people on both sides feel very strongly, I know that's an understatement and its already been thrashed out in other threads. David Cameron for weeks went on about the consequences and there's no way back etc etc. But here's the deal, now I bet on the horses sometimes, this was a two horse race, how come both sides seem to be surprised? Surely Cameron couldn't of assumed he was going to win, a part of him should of thought maybe I might lose this and plan for that, Johnson equally shouldn't of looked like a rabbit in the headlights winning, there was after all a chance of that too, now forgive my maths here I failed at school 50/50 chance?

I'm sure if Cameron (by all means I'm not a fan or of Boris for that fact) had anticipated even the slightest win on the other side he might not of thrown his dolls out the pram and resigned within 5 mins of the result. He didn't exactly rise above it and say look its not what I wanted but I shall stay on till we resolve it to help stabilise the markets, he will after all be living here afterwards.

Anyway on a plus side I seem to be getting very little spam mail or any mail at all after the result how about you?

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