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Brexit 2nd Referendem a 4Chan Prank

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SayWhat123 Mon 27-Jun-16 19:25:58

This site has a lot of real time algorithms and scripts/screengrabs from the actual petition, which were ran and show Kim Jung Il signed it himself over 5,000 times and nearly 30,000 signatures from North Korea which is the most internet restricted country in the world.

It's a 4Chan hack and more people signed from Vatican City (50,000 of 800 residents) than even live there.

Quite hilarious how it was done and that the media was actually reporting on this as if it was real LOL - reporting how amazing it was so many from N Korea signed it bc they don't actually have the internet! Media is a bunch of numpties and this proves it.

The petition is now marred and there is no way to prove who is legit and who is fake. Has to be scrapped - no integrity in it whatsoever.

BarmySmarmy Mon 27-Jun-16 19:55:02

Yes, started by a R Wing activist expecting a Remain vote, flooded by fake signatures, fake signatures duly removed (as far as possible) , distribution of signatures available to see here

Still has a huge response, even with the signatories from N Korea and the Vatican removed.

There is never any way to tell completely what signatures are real or fake on ANY of these petitions. What do you mean 'the media was reporting it as if it was real'?

It has no chance of succeeding, as in the demand being agreed, it is against the law to alter the terms of a referendum or any other election in retrospect.

But it is a lobbying tool. People sending a message about a big decision made on such a tiny margin.

SayWhat123 Mon 27-Jun-16 20:01:16

I meant - if you looked at the article - the Telegraph and other news outlets reported on "23,788 people from N Korea, one of the world's least internet-connected countries, have also signed the petition." - at one point, as if it was a real phenomenon and showed how well the petition had done.

It was quite a while before they conceded they had indeed been wrong about all these signatures. They were calling them 'signatures from foreign countries' - Not 'completely fake signatures done by bots and hackers'.

After all of these votes were hacked there is no way the petition has any integrity. With something of this magnitude you can't actually 'clean it up' so to speak. Online petitions are notorious for fakery and general chicanery.

SayWhat123 Mon 27-Jun-16 20:06:33

Also, considering "Anonymous" was one of the main groups involved in this hack, I wouldn't call it a 'right wing' conspiracy. Anonymous is a group which is generally very liberal.

It's more like a group of hackers with varying ideologies who like attention and like showing how easily these things are manipulated.

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