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AIBU to think that racism has snowballed since?

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evapline Mon 27-Jun-16 18:18:52

Is it just me? I have never experienced racism personally... Today I actually felt as though race was the reason for someone's attitude towards a child I was with

Iv been hearing so many stories from other people since Friday too. Was this all there before or has it suddenly become more acceptable for people to say thoughts they used to keep quietly ashamed in their minds?

sportinguista Mon 27-Jun-16 18:31:26

Right, I have experienced racism personally. All the occasions were now quite a few years ago and towards my DH and his friends who are from Southern Europe, DH is mixed race but not obviously so, but does go quite dark in summer. One instance was a violent attack. In recent years and around the referendum I have experienced none. It is quite a step to think that this has increased the chance of attack. Please bear in mind that many people from EE hold very right wing views too. I hate any kind of racism but I am not so daft that I think it will go away in a hurry. Also many people if different colours and creeds dislike each other, unfortunately.

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