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Hope, not Hate

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Cosmiccreepers203 Mon 27-Jun-16 09:47:50

Right, it's time to start trying to fix this mess. Can we please have a moratorium on the mud slinging and name calling, from both sides?
We are about to go through the biggest political, social and economic upheaval in recent history.
Some people are happy and hopeful and some are angry and depressed. Because of how narrow the vote was there are going to have to be concessions on both sides.
So, from now on, there need to be no more 'leavers' and 'remainers', like these groups are some sort of separate species of animal. That's not going to help.
Unless we all help each other then there is the real danger of the country eating itself in turmoil: racist violence and extra economic uncertainty.
People who voted remain probably have to accept that most people who voted leave still think they did the right thing. Only time will tell if they did. Stop calling people racists because they voted leave and focus on the real racists, who are having a field day.
People who voted leave have to accept that there are others who are very distressed because they have been the first to feel the consequences of the vote. Just because you don't want it to be true, doesn't mean it's not true. Just accept that there are people who have lost out financially pretty quickly. Perhaps don't rub it in that you're so happy when they are gutted. Don't try to pretend that it's not because of the referendum.

Let's stop treating each other like the enemy. It is what it is. Let's see what happens and hope that the consequences in the long term aren't too bad.

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