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What would happen if election called now and both Labour + Tories said they would keep UK in the EU

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Lappy214 Sun 26-Jun-16 19:57:08

Just that really. What would happen ?

I should say I am fearful of the economic future of the UK (in particular England) and the effect on social cohesion/rampant bigoted racism as a result of the rise of the far-right but, despite being a Remainer, I do not blame Leave voters for voting to leave. I blame politicians and academics for creating the situation where dismissing grass roots dissatisfaction with the scale of net migration to the UK (in particular England) as racism/bigotry ultimately led to the result of the referendum.

It irks me greatly that politicians and academics are being trotted out to air their opinions that a disaster has befallen the UK without any self-observation/sense of how they played a major part in causing it.

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